Meet Lisa Riolo, Invoca’s VP of Customer Success

The career path. Mine does not consist of a well-planned linear progression of specialist roles that make it easy to describe what I do in a single word like marketer or engineer. Instead, I took the winding-with-switchbacks-and-steep inclines road.

When I left Commission Junction (now CJ by Conversant) nearly ten years ago, I started consulting and working on a variety of business projects. A few years later I co-founded a marketing technology company. And a few years after that — I co-founded a coworking business. As a result, I have interacted with hundreds of business teams and developed a good sense of what makes companies fail or succeed.

Being a consultant, building B2B products and working with start-ups is not just interesting, it’s invigorating. I love creating solutions and programs for businesses, and it’s often led to my working directly with the CEOs and company founders. As a result, I have a great appreciation of how operational groups interact to deliver great products and services to their customers.


Why Invoca?

The variety of rich experiences, while great for me, doesn’t make a transition back into a company a straightforward decision. As with anything, there are pros and cons to the flexibility of multiple ventures versus being singularly focused on one business. Yet, here I am, dedicated to Invoca. So, how did that happen?

For one thing, I’ve known Jason (Spievak, CEO) since he, with the other co-founders, launched Invoca (then RingRevenue) and was always impressed with the product itself. I was busy with other endeavors but kept a close eye on the company’s growth. More recently, I saw how well the team was coming together. The formula for a company’s success, from the talent to the product, had Invoca poised for immense success. And I very much wanted to play a part in Invoca’s next phase of growth.


What I Do

When the opportunity arose to join the team, there were several possible roles for me. Fortunately, we worked together to design an area of focus that incorporated my passion for serving the customers with the need to structure our teams for scale. My most important job at Invoca is advocating for the customer, and ensuring our people, processes, and products deliver the best customer experience possible.

Since joining, I’m even more impressed with this team. The people within the company and our customers are awesome. I’m having a lot of fun and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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