Silicon Valley to Silicon Beach – Meet Invoca’s New VP of Marketing

After having spent over a dozen years in the Bay Area, I thought for sure I’d be there for life. After all, in the software-as-a-service world, where I’ve spent my career with companies like and Zuora, where else can you find amazing technology and brilliant teams tackling huge business challenges?

Turns out the answer is 350 miles due south in Santa Barbara.

I only had to spend a few hours in the Invoca office (and a few more in the Invoca Pub) meeting the team and exploring the technology to recognize that Jason (Founder/CEO) and Colin (Founder/CTO) were onto something big. As a marketer myself, and after having spent the last few years at Responsys working with a best in class digital marketing platform, I know first hand how critical technology has become in giving modern marketers access to the intelligence they need to drive revenue and deliver a killer customer experience. Mad Men is still one of my favorite shows right now, but today we’re all a lot more like Billy Beane than Don Draper.

Combine that with the fact that today, the majority of digital interactions between customers and brands are happening on mobile devices. Those interactions, whether they start with a mobile search, a mobile email, a mobile advertisement, or a mobile social interaction, are driving a massive increase in phone calls from those mobile devices to businesses.  Mobile search alone will drive 70 billion calls by 2016 according to BIA/Kelsey. And we’re talking hugely valuable interactions – in most industries callers convert at a higher rate and spend more than those who only interact online.

If you want intelligence around web interactions, you’ve got Google Analytics. Email? You’ve got Responsys or ExactTarget. Marketing automation? HubSpot, Marketo and Eloqua are all great options. But what tools do marketers have to measure attribution, automate interactions, or optimize for the generation of phone calls? 1995 called and wants its spreadsheets back.

I’m incredibly lucky to not only be joining such a talented team and serving amazing customers, but also to help bring innovation to an area that affects me personally as a marketer. More inbound phone calls? Yes please! Insight into how to make those voice interactions more valuable for the customer as well as the company? I’ll take it!

In my role as the VP of Marketing here at Invoca, my mission, and that of my team, is to help get the word out. To help other marketers, and eventually sales professionals and customer service experts, recognize the large and growing opportunity in using voice interactions to deliver an amazing customer experience. All that, and I get to trade in my San Francisco sweaters for Santa Barbara flip flops.

By the way, if this all sounds good to you too…we’re hiring!