Invoca Platform Data Reveals The Impact of COVID-19 on Inbound Call Volume to Businesses

The type of worldwide upheaval that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused hasn’t been felt in...

/ April 2, 2020
Insurance marketers react to the COVID crisis.

Invoca Customer Shares Insights for Insurance Marketers Managing the COVID Crisis

Insurance businesses are experiencing wildly varying effects from the COVID-19 crisis. Depending on the type...

/ March 31, 2020

What Is Lead Tracking — and Why It’s Critical to Your Marketing Campaigns

Leads are everything in the world of marketing and sales. They are the rough nuggets...

/ March 25, 2020

Healthcare Marketers Share How They’re Managing the COVID Crisis

Every industry is being impacted by the COVID-19 crisis in different and unexpected ways, and...

/ March 20, 2020

How eHealth Uses Call Tracking and Adobe Analytics

Finding Marketing Efficiencies and Creating a Seamless Buying Experience with Invoca and Adobe Analytics Results...

/ March 19, 2020

Invoca on G2

How we can help you use call tracking to better serve customers during COVID-19

How We Can Help You Better Serve Your Customers During COVID-19

In the last week, we have all experienced how quickly the COVID-19 situation can and...

/ March 17, 2020
Learn what call tracking software is and how marketers use it

What is Call Tracking Software and Why do Marketers Need It?

If you’ve never heard of call tracking software before, you might think that it’s used...

/ March 17, 2020
How Invoca is supporting customers during the covid outbreak

We’re Here to Keep You Connected with Your Customers

Whether you’re working from home or in the office this week, your main concern at...

/ March 11, 2020

Celebrating International Women’s Month

International Women’s Month is an opportunity to reflect on the impact, intelligence, and inspiration that...

/ March 6, 2020

Employee Spotlight: Patrick Eggert, Account Executive

We sat down with Patrick Eggert, account executive at Invoca, to chat about what he...

/ March 3, 2020

See Why These Marketers Use Call Tracking and Conversational Analytics

The value of call tracking and conversational analytics in 90 seconds. In this video, seven...

/ March 2, 2020
VITAS Healthcare adopted Invoca’s AI-powered call tracking and analytics platform to gain a better understanding of what’s happening on calls to boost marketing ROI and help provide superior patient care.

How VITAS Healthcare Uses Call Tracking to Maximize Digital Marketing ROI

VITAS Healthcare adopted Invoca’s AI-powered call tracking and analytics platform to gain a better understanding...

/ February 28, 2020

Know the Unknown with Signal Discovery Conversational Analytics

Invoca launched Signal AI in 2017, revolutionizing call analytics, call classification, and conversion attribution for...

/ February 17, 2020

Webinar: Using Conversational AI to Connect the Online to Offline Buying Experience

First-party data is your most important advantage in today’s highly regulated marketing environment, and customer...

/ February 14, 2020