“Summer, summer, summertime!” Your clever email auto-responder is set, DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince are in your head—you’re ready to use those precious vacation days. Whether you plan on staying close to home or jet-setting around the world, we know you’ll still be attached to your smartphone, and there are a few apps you can’t leave home without if you want to have the best summer vacation ever.

From discovering local music to grilling the perfect steak, we’ve got you covered with the top 10 mobile apps to help you forget about CPCs, conversion metrics and campaign objectives, at least for a little while.PackPoint Screen

1. Packpoint

First thing’s first—pack your bags. Some people are packing pros. For the rest of us, we need a little help. PackPoint is a free app that allows you to enter your destination and planned activities, and PackPoint creates a packing list for you. As you pack an item, just check it off your list to make sure you don’t forget anything. For additional features, you can buy the $2 version.

Grill Time

2. GrillTime

I don’t know about you, but I’m terrible at grilling. I’m so scared of under cooking my meat that I usually burn it to a crisp. That’s where GrillTime comes it. It’s an iOS and Android app that allows you to set timers for multiple items on your grill at once. It even gives you customized instructions for different meats and vegetables to ensure the perfect amount of doneness. Now you’ll know exactly when to flip your burger.



3. Bandsintown Concerts

Sometimes the best part about being somewhere new is discovering new music. Bandsintown uses your location to scan for live music being played near you. It also uses the music archive on your device to find music that matches your taste.

Event Seeker

4. Eventseeker

Get a taste of local culture by finding out what’s happening around you. With Eventseeker, you can search for events by location, date, and category to make sure you have something awesome planned no matter where you are. You can even purchase tickets through the app and save events to your calendar. Need ideas? Eventseeker will send you personalized recommendations.

 5. OpenTable

If you don’t already have OpenTable on your iOS or Android already, you should download it right now. Not only is it great when looking for a reservation in your neighborhood, it’s a great way to discover new restaurants and cuisines wherever you’re traveling this summer.

 6. iTranslate

Leaving the country this summer? If you’re worried about a language barrier, check out iTranslate. It’s a free app with 90+ languages. You can use it as a pocket dictionary, or you can speak a phrase in your native language and have iTranslate speak it back to you in your desired language. C’est tres bien!

 7. HopStop

Finding your way around big cities can sometimes be intimidating, especially if you’re not used to taking buses and subways around town. HopStop provides easy walking, public transit, or taxi directions for any major metro area in the US and UK. Or you can explore new cities by using HopStop as a little pocket map.

8. Skype

By now, most people have Skype accounts and use them on the regular. But Skype is especially awesome if you want to stay in touch with people back home when you’re out of the country. Don’t worry about international data plans; just facetime or call using your Skype account over any Internet connection. You’ll save money, and it feels like a regular phone call.


9. FlightView

Instead of getting to the airport to find your flight has been delayed or cancelled, FlightView sends you push notifications on the status of your flights. You can also use the flight map to see a flight’s progress, so you stay in the know. If you’re flying this summer, this app will make life much easier.

Trip Weather

10. TripWeather

For you road trippers, TripWeather helps you avoid bad weather along your route. You can get forecasts in 25-50 mile intervals along the route your plan to take. If you want to add a stop, just press the pause button and specify how long you plan on staying, and TripWeather will change your forecast accordingly.

With new summer apps on your mobile device, you’re ready to be frontin’ and maxin’ no matter where summer takes you. Just don’t forget the sunscreen and your best acid-wash short shorts.

Cari Thompson

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