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We all understand the importance of attribution. It’s how we prove our worth, justify bigger budgets, and hopefully earn that much needed raise. But unfortunately true multi-channel attribution is more like a unicorn than the marketing work horse it should be.

While there are powerful solutions that shed light on the customer journey, they weren’t designed with phone conversations in mind. As soon as a prospect chooses to make a phone call, the attribution trail can be lost. Connecting the dots from online engagement to phone conversation to sale is extremely challenging.

All your digital marketing training and tools have taught you to ignore the real world of human-to-human interaction. But it’s time to break free of that kind of thinking. Here are ten stats that will show you why phone calls can’t be ignored in digital attribution.

In a mobile world, attribution must account for offline touchpoints.

1. In 2013, 30 billion phone calls were made to businesses from mobile search alone.BIA/Kelsey expects this number to increase to 73 billion by 2018.

2. 60% of mobile searchers say it is extremely important to call a business during the purchase phase (source: Google, The Role of Click to Call in the Path to Purchase).

3. 70% of mobile searchers have used the click to call button (source: Google, The Role of Click to Call in the Path to Purchase).

4. 76% of marketers want their marketing campaigns to drive more calls.

But marketers don’t have an offline call attribution strategy.

5. Only 13% of marketers say they use offline call management and tracking system (source: to MarketingSherpa, 2013  Marketing Analytics Benchmark Survey).

6. Only 1% of marketers use insight into offline marketing interactions when determining a marketing dataset’s usefulness according to MarketingSherpa.

And without call attribution, they can’t measure marketing performance, ROI, or optimize to drive more calls that turn into sales.

7. 39% of marketers cannot effectively measure the revenue and costs for mobile marketing according to MarketingSherpa.

8. 54% say their marketing teams never (or only sometimes) receive credit for inbound call leads and revenue.

9. 68% of B2B marketers are unable to track inbound calls in their marketing automation and CRM system.

10. 60% of B2B marketers don’t know which marketing campaigns drive inbound calls.

The customer journey is complex, spanning channels, devices, the digital and real world. It’s time to take a holistic approach to attribution and close the loop on all customer touch points.

Amber Tiffany

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