While marketers have got their minds on the digital journey, consumers are busy offline… making phone calls. With the rise of mobile, consumers are opting to connect over the phone more and more, but many marketers have yet to capitalize on the trend. In a survey of over 100 Dreamforce attendees, 80% underestimated how many calls were made to businesses each year – by millions! There’s a pretty large rift between perception and reality when it comes to calls.

To get you back up to speed, here’s a list of 15 must-know facts about inbound phone calls.

  1. In 2013, 30 billion phone calls were made to businesses from mobile search alone. This number is expected to rise to more than 73 billion in 2018 (source: BIA/Kesley) [Tweet this stat!]
  2. Inbound phone calls are the most valuable lead type – they convert at 10-15x the rate of online leads. (Source: Invoca) [Tweet this stat!]
  3. 66% of businesses rate their inbound phone calls as an “excellent” source of leads – higher than any other inbound lead source. (source: BIA/Kelsey) [Tweet this stat!]
  4. 70% of mobile searchers have used click-to-call to connect with businesses directly from their search engine results pages. (source: Google) [Tweet this stat!]
  5. 76% of marketers want their marketing campaigns to drive more phone calls because calls mean sales. (source: Invoca) [Tweet this stat!]
  6. 75% of consumers say a phone call is the quickest way to get a response. (source: NewVoiceMedia) [Tweet this stat!]
  7. 52% of people who take action after conducting a mobile search do so via the phone. (source: LUMA Partners) [Tweet this stat!]
  8. The average click-through rate increases by 8% when a phone number is added to mobile search ads. (source: Google) [Tweet this stat!]
  9. 47% of mobile searchers say if a business doesn’t have a phone number on their search results, they are more likely to explore other brands. (source: Google) [Tweet this stat!]
  10. U.S. smartphone penetration is at 72% and projected to reach 95% by 2018. (Source: Digital Marketing Depot) [Tweet this stat!]
  11. 33% of surveyed marketers say call conversions are more valuable, and only 14% say a web lead is most valuable. 31% said they didn’t know which was more valuable. (source: Invoca) [Tweet this stat!]
  12. Only 22% of search marketers are using Adwords call extensions or click-to-call for mobile ads. (source: Invoca) [Tweet this stat!]
  13. The number of monthly voice minutes used in the U.S. increased from 2.3 trillion in 2012 to 2.62 trillion in 2013. (source: CTIA) [Tweet this stat!]
  14. Only 29% of search marketers are getting the full credit for the inbound calls they drive. (source: Invoca) [Tweet this stat!]
  15. 45% of marketers don’t include phone numbers on landing pages, in content assets, or in search ads. (source: Invoca) [Tweet this stat!]

I just threw a lot of  numbers at you, and I know they can be hard to digest at once. But just remember: billions of people are calling businesses every year, inbound phone calls are highly valuable, and they are on the rise. If you want to learn more, check out our resources page.

Amber Tiffany

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