If you work in marketing, chances are you’ve been involved to some extent in the purchase of marketing technology – whether it’s a freemium social media tool or a more significant investment like a marketing automation platform.

We marketers are completely spoiled with choice these days as evidenced by the marketing technology Supergraphic, LUMAscape and Growthverse. In case you missed it, we’ve got yet another visualization on our hands — Venturebeat’s Marketing Technology Universe.

There’s a ton of growth in this space as marketers grapple with things like proving ROI, multi channel attribution, account based marketing, content personalization, mobile optimization and more.

Along with innovation and growth always comes interesting dialogue, so in this post I want to call attention to some of the folks who are helping to drive the marketing technology conversation on Twitter.

To compile the list I used Buzzsumo and looked at who’s engaging under the #martech hashtag. Here you go!

Douglas Karr @douglaskar

Neil Patel @neilpatel

MarTech Advisor @martechadvisor

Stewart Rogers @therealSJR

Jay Famico @jayfamico

Scott Brinker @chiefmartec

25 Marketing Tech Influencers To Follow On Twitter





John Koetsier @johnkoetsier

Sheryl Pattek @sherylpattek

Scott Vaughan @ScottAVaughan

Greg Sterling @gsterling

Jascha Kaykas-Wolff @kaykas

Travis Wright @teedubya

David Raab @draab

25 Marketing Tech Influencers To Follow On Twitter




Kay Kienast @KayKienast1

Eric Holmen @eholmen

Christopher Penn @cspenn

Sean Ellis @seanellis

Christine Crandell @ChrisCrandell

Brian Kardon @bkardon

Meagen Eisenberg @meisenberg

MarTech Conference @martechconf

25 Marketing Tech Influencers To Follow On Twitter








Mayur Gupta @inspiremartech

Ankush Gupta @thelearnedman

Jamie Grenney @jamiegrenney

Jay Calavas @jaycalavas

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Laura Schierberl

Posted by Laura Schierberl

Laura Schierberl is director of content marketing and communications at Invoca. Prior to that she held positions at Oracle, Responsys and Hill & Knowlton where she honed her skills in all things PR, content and social media. Laura earned a B.A. in Spanish and Communications at Wake Forest University. Fun facts: she loves crime TV shows and her labrador has dabbled in modeling.

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