I know it can seem like everything you thought you knew about digital marketing is changing.  One of the best ways to stay up to date on everything from industry trends to marketing tactics is to watch webinars. They’re the next best thing to having a live conversation with industry experts. But ain’t nobody got time to watch every live webinar.

Don’t stress, we’re here to help! Here are three of Invoca’s most popular webinars (plus a bonus!). They’re filled with helpful tips about optimizing for phone calls, improving mobile performance, and maximizing ROI.

1. 3 Killer Strategies for Boosting Mobile Sales


Digiday hosted Invoca’s VP of Marketing, Kyle Christensen, and Brennie Conkle, VP of Digital Acquisition and cCpabilities at SunTrust Bank to discuss why phone calls matter in a mobile world and ways to convert those calls into sales.

The majority of Suntrust Bank’s customers are looking for a conversation and one-third of mortgage calls originate from Google Click to Call. A couple of years ago, Suntrust Bank ran headlong into the challenge of how to evolve its digital presence while preserving the personal connection it has with its customers. “We had to try to figure out how could we get on mobile when we didn’t have the ideal experience for [a] customer in that mode.” says Conkle.

Check out the webinar to learn how Suntrust took definitive steps to establish an effective call-conscious mobile presence. You’ll also learn three techniques you can apply today to boost sales and connect with your customers.

2. Email Marketing: Leveraging the Ultimate Cross-Channel Connector


Most brands can agree that mobile has a significant impact on marketing. Online shopping and search typically come to mind as the most frequently accessed mobile channels, but there’s another important channel that’s easy to overlook.

“Email was really mobile first before really any other channel, “says Invoca’s director of product marketing, Paul Rudwall. “It’s been years now that…over half of emails are opened on mobile devices. That’s fundamentally changed the way consumers act with email.”

Though the obvious solution is to use email to encourage further customer interaction through phone calls, marketers are reluctant to push offline interaction because the performance results don’t look good on paper. Rudwall says that’s a “big missed opportunity because these offline interactions convert higher. They also give you a wealth of data about your customers.”

This webinar takes an in-depth look at how marketers can use email to drive engagement through phone calls and how to use that data to improve ROI and inform future interactions with your customers.

3. Digital Marketing 101: Optimizing Your Digital Marketing Strategy for Calls


If you’re ready to optimize your digital marketing campaigns for phone calls but aren’t sure where to start, this is the webinar for you. Marketing experts from WordStream, Optimizely, and Invoca walk you through what you need to know to hit the ground running.

When we talk about mobile marketing, it’s easy to think of it as just another chapter in the omnichannel playbook. Our panelists point out, however, “mobile is not a channel, it’s the new home for omnichannel marketing.”

One of the first questions to ask when optimizing your digital campaigns for higher conversions is how to know which campaigns and keywords are a good fit for encouraging customers to pick up the phone and call you.

Every brand needs to think about how to encourage inbound phone calls and this webinar is a great way to get those creative juices flowing.

Bonus: 2016-2017 Marketing Leaders Roundtable: Lessons Learned and Future Bets


As long as you’re in webinar-watching mode, here’s a bonus you won’t want to miss. We gathered a group of marketing experts to discuss what strategies worked well in 2016 and took a look ahead to where things are going in the new year. It’s definitely worth checking out as 2017 gets underway!

Lisa McGreevy

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