It’s official, Dreamforce 2015 is upon us. For four days San Francisco will be transformed into the epicenter for business professionals. Each year Salesforce finds a new way to be bigger, bolder, and better – Dreamforce 2015 will be no different.

If I had to guess what one of the big topics at Dreamforce will be, it would be the customer journey. Check out three reasons why Dreamforce 2015 is all about the customer journey, and why you need to visit Invoca while you’re there.

The Mobile Phone is the Heart of the Customer Journey

Smartphones have revolutionized just about every aspect of our lives. We are in an unprecedented age of being constantly connected. These pocket sized super computer are blurring the lines between the digital and real world. Mobile is at the heart of the customer journey, and marketers are scrambling to make sense of it all.

Despite the smartphone’s astounding processing power, it is still at its core, a phone. And the mobile phone has led to a significant rise in phone calls. Invoca understands the importance of calls for a successful mobile strategy. To learn more, join us at Dreamforce for a can’t-miss session on driving more inbound sales calls with your digital marketing, Tuesday at 5:30 pm in Partner Theater North 2.

The Marketing Toolset is Expanding

As the customer journey becomes more complicated by new channels and devices, the marketer’s toolset is becoming increasingly sophisticated. Marketers are developing their marketing technology stack to keep up, and there is no shortage of vendors stepping up to make sense of it all.

Many of these vendors will be at Dreamforce to help customers connect with the customer during every part of the journey whether it’s to track them, personalize the experience, or analyze the journey. Join us at Dreamforce to learn how Invoca and Salesforce are working together to give marketers a complete view of the customer journey. Visit our booth for a live demo of the Invoca call intelligence platform.

Marketers Need To Look Beyond Digital

Most marketers have taken to digital like a duck takes to water, but in 2015 digital is no longer enough. Marketers need to free themselves from digital tunnel vision to understand the entire customer journey. They need to be capable of attributing offline conversions from their digital efforts to understand their true ROI, attribution, and performance.

Visit Invoca and Win Big

Visit us at Dreamforce to learn how call intelligence gives you complete attribution from all of your marketing efforts to give you an accurate measure of ROI and overall performance.

Want to learn more about the new customer journey? Visit Invoca at Dreamforce at booth #N1905. Let us show you how calls influence the new customer journey and be entered to win a journey of a lifetime. Learn more at

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