Phone calls are here to stay. Mobile is at the heart of today’s customer journey, and that means calls play a major role in that journey.


The problem is many digital marketers are left in the dark when customers move offline via a phone call. To help shine a light on this this dark spot, Invoca analyzed over 30 million phone calls and published the findings in the new 2015 Call Intelligence Index. We found incredible insights into the mobile customer journey that any marketer who values phone calls will love.

1. The Mobile Customer Journey Means More Calls

73 billion calls

Mobile has played a major role in the increase of calls. Despite the digital capabilities of these miniature super computers, fat thumbs and small screens continue to be a major pain point for busy, on-the-go customers. So more and more they are turning to the most personal, direct, and fastest way to connect with a business — the phone call.

2. Most Callers Are Referred By Mobile Search

top marketing channels driving callsIt’s no surprise that mobile search is the top source of phone calls. Consumers wants quick answers, and click-to-call functionality makes it easier than ever to make a call directly to a business from the mobile search results. And in turn, it’s easier than ever for marketers to take advantage of this new mobile ad format.

3. People Who Call, Convert

phone call conversion ratesNot only are more people making calls, they’re making calls with a purpose. Callers are typically higher quality than those who fill out a lead form. And when you combine the direct and personalized nature of a phone call, these callers are more likely to convert.

The rise in phone calls is great news for marketers that know how to take advantage of these valuable interactions. To learn more about the emerging trends in caller behavior and how marketers are taking advantage with call intelligence, download your copy of the 2015 Call Intelligence Index.


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Caitie Gonzalez is a graduate from U.C. Santa Barbara with a B.A. in Film and Media Studies. She is Invoca's Social Media and Content Specialist, and resident videographer. She loves film/television, comic books, board games and video games.

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