I have something to admit. I follow dozens of marketing blogs, but don’t make nearly enough time to read them during my workday. I’ll scan the headlines over a cup of coffee, but soon thereafter, I end up in my email inbox. And it certainly doesn’t help that now my commute is a walk versus a bus ride. I know..excuses, excuses.

However, I find that I continue to make time for SlideShare. I love being able to digest a story in a minute or two, complete with visuals and clever writing that keeps me clicking through. SlideShare does a nice job of bubbling up the best content on its Editor’s Picks page and via its social channels.

What makes a good SlideShare in my mind? Several things:

  • A narrative that’s simple, yet educational
  • Third party or proprietary data that supports the narrative
  • Visuals that are bold and unexpected
  • A clear call to action on the last slide

These five SlideShares do a great job of representing these qualities, plus they’re just fun to click through. So, take a quick break and check ‘em out!

1. How to Make Your Audience Fall in Love with Your Blog – Rand Fishkin

This is a pretty long one at 107 slides, but it’s written in such a clever and compelling way that you just can’t stop clicking. And it contains some great, approachable advice about blogging – whether it’s for a personal or corporate blog.

2. The 10 Best Copywriting Formulas for Social Media Headlines – Buffer

If you’re a Mad Men fan, the title slide will suck you in. Then you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the actionable advice on tweet copywriting. Definitely one to bookmark.

3. Fix Your Really Bad Powerpoint – SlideComet

Some tough love in this SlideShare. Great, punchy advice and visuals about what not to do when creating your next PPT preso.

4. The Power of Insane Honesty in Content Marketing – Velocity Partners

I love how this one begins with a personal story, followed by lots of great advice, a consistent/cohesive design, and a call to action at the end. Yes, I want to read more!

5. 20 Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, & Pinterest Features You Didn’t Know Existed (But Totally Should!) – HubSpot

There’s so much social media advice out there…it all starts to blend together. This SlideShare does a great job of offering up Youtility (as Jay Baer would say). It’s chock full of social media features and functionality you probably didn’t know existed. Very cool.

Do you have a favorite SlideShare? Share it with us in the comments below! Also, don’t forget to check out Invoca’s SlideShare channel here.

Laura Schierberl

Posted by Laura Schierberl

Laura Schierberl is director of content marketing and communications at Invoca. Prior to that she held positions at Oracle, Responsys and Hill & Knowlton where she honed her skills in all things PR, content and social media. Laura earned a B.A. in Spanish and Communications at Wake Forest University. Fun facts: she loves crime TV shows and her labrador has dabbled in modeling.

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