This week Invoca’s engineering team celebrated a milestone: we’ve completed our 100th (and last — but more on that later) sprint! For those of you unfamiliar with developer speak, here’s a Wikipedia article that explains the sprint framework. 

To celebrate, I wanted to give a shout out to the team, highlight a few impressive stats, and as a bonus, give you an inside look into how our team likes to celebrate such an occasion (hint: it includes specialty socks).     

Completing 100 sprints is a big accomplishment, and means we’ve shipped (another dev phrase) a lot of software. Our team has been working hard for over eight years to bring you the call intelligence platform we have today. Since 2008 we’ve:

  • Grown from a team of three to 50
  • Added a second engineering office in Boulder, Colorado
  • Written over 2 MILLION lines of code
  • Hosted four company-wide hackathons
  • Engaged in countless epic nerf gun battles

And what better way to celebrate than with the time-honored tradition of lawn bowling? Look at the intensity!

Inovca Engineering does lawn bowling

Invoca Engineers lawn bowling

We also gave everyone a pair of these awesome socks. Yes, Invoca celebrates in style.

Blog Image

The 100th sprint also marks our last sprint. Does this mean we will stop writing software? No, of course not! But we are optimizing the way we do it. We are transitioning to a new process that will help the team react to the needs of our growing customer base. With this new process our customers can enjoy the great things we are building as soon as they are done, rather than waiting for scheduled release.

It’s been an incredible eight years for Invoca and the engineering team. We’re excited to continue building great new features and products for our customers.


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  1. Lorelei Curt

    This is huge! Thank you Engineering, for building so many things Invoca’s customers love.


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