In an omnichannel world, data is everything. It’s how marketers create personal customer experiences that turn shoppers into buyers, and one-time buyers into loyal customers. It’s how they measure success and improve their efforts.

Advanced digital marketing platforms have emerged to help marketers track, measure, automate, and optimize every step of the digital customer journey. However, these tools are blind to the single most valuable customer interaction — the phone call. This is a blind spot that marketers can’t afford to ignore since digital interactions will drive over 100 billion phone calls to businesses this year. 

The new Invoca for Adobe Marketing Cloud solves that problem by bringing actionable call intelligence to the marketing cloud. Adobe’s head of platform partners and strategy, Cody Crnkovich, explains, “Our integration with Invoca enables marketers to really understand their customers’ needs and wants and their preferred path to purchase.”

Check out four ways Invoca for Adobe Marketing Cloud gives marketers the insights and tools they need to be truly omnichannel.

1. Discover new customer insights with call data.

Get to know your customers on a new level using Invoca’s call intelligence in Adobe Analytics. This gives you visibility into your customers and their behavior (both online and offline) with insights like:

  • What web pages are driving high-value calls
  • Which marketing campaigns are converting over the phone
  • What’s said in the conversation

With this new level of insight and attribution, marketers can measure campaign ROI, make data-driven optimizations, and create better one-to-one customer experiences.

2. Create high-value audience segments based on a complete view of every customer interaction.

With a complete view of online and offline customer interactions, Invoca’s Adobe Audience Manager integration helps you create highly targeted omnichannel experiences that reflect the actual behaviors of your audiences. You can use this complete view to get insights like:

  • Customer campaign engagement data, including both clicks and calls
  • Rich caller demographic data
  • Verbally expressed interest in certain products or offers

This rich data helps marketers create detailed audience segments so they can reach the right customers with the right message and call to action. For example, if a prospect calls with questions about a specific product, marketers can see this data and use it with Adobe Audience Manager to retarget that prospect with a special discount offer for that product.

3. Get 100% campaign attribution for both online and offline engagement.

Attribution is crucial for marketers. Call intelligence in Adobe Media Optimizer gives marketers 100% campaign attribution for all of the clicks and calls your search, display, and social campaigns drive. You can optimize your campaigns and media spend to increase campaign ROI and reduce cost per engagement with:

  • Credit for conversions via the phone
  • Real-time campaign attribution for phone calls, down to the keyword
  • Retargeting based upon what was said in the conversation

Marketers are using Invoca with Adobe Media Optimizer to make sure their keyword bids are driving maximum conversions and ROI, whether that’s online or over the phone.

4. Drive higher web engagement and conversions with rich call and conversation data.

Marketers can better understand the cross-device journey web visitors take with call intelligence in Adobe Target. You can optimize and personalize content to drive higher conversions using call intelligence  data like:

  • Which web pages and layouts drive high-value calls
  • What caller experience generates the most conversions
  • Verbally expressed interest in certain products or offers

Discover how you can leverage Invoca for Adobe Marketing Cloud to deliver a better experience to every customer, across all channels and devices. Visit to learn more.

Lauren Ishimaru

Posted by Lauren Ishimaru

Lauren has a background in marketing communications, cloud technology, and B2B marketing. She began her career as a project manager turned product marketer, specializing in performance marketing and bid management software. Lauren earned a B.A. in Mass Communications and Environmental Studies at University of California, Los Angeles. She is currently training for her first Ironman triathlon. If she’s not swimming, biking, or running on the beach, you can find her on the many Santa Barbara hiking trails or on her yoga mat.

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