Over the past few years, Google AdWords has steadily shifted its focus to mobile. The first change was the move to enhanced campaigns, and they’ve been following up with smaller updates ever since. This past week they’ve deepened their commitment with a couple of big announcements that place even greater importance on mobile and the types of interactions it drives.

Mobile Friendly Sites Rank Higher

Google announced that as of April 2015 mobile-friendly sites will officially rank higher in mobile search results. Google is continuously striving to improve the user experience so this isn’t a big surprise, but it will likely be noticed – they said that this latest change will have a ‘significant impact’ in mobile search results. As Google continues to optimize the mobile user experience, us marketers continue to debate whether the number of search results will change next. My money in on them expanding past just 2 search results within the next year.

Want to make sure your search results make the cut? Check out the handy Mobile Usability Report, part of Google’s webmaster tools. It provides clear, step by step guidelines for making sure your site is updated for optimal mobile search rankings.

New ‘Call Only’ Campaigns

70% of mobile searches result in a phone call to a business directly from the search results. This stat makes it pretty obvious why Google has been making increasing investments and updates to helping marketers optimize for call conversions. Their latest, the launch of ‘call only’ campaigns is aimed at those advertisers who want to solely drive call conversions from ads. These new types of ads will only show on mobile devices that are able to make calls, so you’re only bidding on call conversions. The main upside Google is presenting is that marketers will be able to adjust their ad spend accordingly to match the ROI of call conversions. Calls typically convert up to 15% higher than clicks, are usually associated with higher ticket items, and greater revenue. Bidding more for these highly valuable conversions is a strategy worth considering.

Are Call Only Campaigns for You?

With most questions, the real answer is ‘it depends.’ General best practices for positive customer experiences is to give the choice on how to communicate with you. In many cases, they’ll choose that convenient, real-time phone call. But other times, they may prefer to first visit your website and do a bit of research before dialing. If that’s the case, then regular campaigns may be best, where you can give your customers the option to click or call.

The good news is that with Invoca, you can give your customers the choice, while still getting granular attribution data for calls made directly from ads and from any pages throughout your site. With Invoca, you can also get granular cost per call data, and other optimization metrics to make sure your bids are aligned with the true ROI of your campaigns, from both calls and clicks.

Want to learn more or see a demo of Invoca? Speak with the Invoca team at SMX West, March 3-5th in San Jose, CA, or email or call us today.

Julia Stead

Posted by Julia Stead

Julia is an experienced marketer who has been working with Invoca since 2012, and has a background in B2B marketing, SaaS and cloud technology. She began her career in the performance marketing world, in program and marketing management with software provider IncomeAccess in Montreal. She went on to work as a marketing management consultant and strategist, helping other B2B technology companies in North America and Europe to successfully launch and adopt new marketing strategies that target Fortune 1000 companies. Julia holds a BA in English from McGill University, and an MBA with a specialization in Marketing from the University of Montreal. She loves running, living near the ocean, good puns, and surprising people with her Canadian-ness.

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