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Ariel Middleton is a Product Marketing Manager at Invoca. Before joining the marketing team, he worked in customer success at multiple companies, which helped to hone a "customer first" mentality for all the work he does. When not working, you will likely find him looking for a new pair of shoes to add to his ever-growing collection.

How Invoca is Improving Call Tracking While Reducing Reliance on Cookies

Many marketers are concerned about what the slow and eventual death of browser cookies means...

/ February 7, 2020

What CCPA Means for Marketers

Is there any better way to ring in the new decade than more compliance training?...

/ December 16, 2019

How Call Tracking Software Affects SEO

The SEO practitioners on your team are always on the hunt for anything that might...

/ October 7, 2019

The Marketer’s Guide to Call Tracking Data Privacy, Security, and Compliance

Martech security and compliance is a subject that’s right up there with scraping paint and...

/ August 29, 2019