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Amber has a background in content strategy and brings her passion for writing along with her two first names to the role of Senior Content Marketing Manager at Invoca. Amber began her career as a marketing copywriter and has since gained experience in SEM and content strategy for both B2C and B2B organizations. Amber loves the outdoors, physical activity, especially when it’s competitive, reading and attempting to be musical. She is currently training daily to become the first female champion in Invoca’s Ping Pong League history.

how apollo uses call intelligence to streamline the caller experience

Apollo Interactive Talks About Using Invoca To Streamline The Caller Experience

Digital marketers have started cashing in on phone calls. Apollo Interactive, a digital marketing agency...

/ September 28, 2016
See How Financial Marketers Improve ROI with Call Intelligence

See How Financial Marketers Improve ROI With Call Intelligence

Forget what you think you know about phone calls. Invoca just released our Call Intelligence...

/ September 21, 2016
Call Intelligence Key to ROI Attribution

Q&A With Brady Corp: Why Call Intelligence Is The Key To ROI Attribution

Brady Corp has caught the elusive white whale we’ve all been chasing: true online-offline marketing...

/ September 20, 2016
How to Master Facebook’s Offline Conversion Tracking

How To Master Facebook’s Offline Conversion Tracking

Here’s the gist: Invoca’s Voice Marketing Cloud gives marketers granular campaign attribution to understand why...

/ August 23, 2016
How Brady Corp Bridges the Online to Offline Gap

See How Brady Corp Bridges The Online To Offline Gap [Video]

With customers bouncing online to offline, getting the all-important 360-degree customer view is more challenging...

/ August 10, 2016
how to use click-to-call functionality for better email attribution

How To Use Click-To-Call Functionality For Better Email Attribution

This post originally appeared on A customer’s interaction with a brand rarely happens in...

/ August 9, 2016
Invoca Unveils New Edition Of Its Call Intelligence Platform For F500 Businesses

Invoca Unveils New Enterprise Edition Of Its Call Intelligence Platform

In today’s marketing landscape, it’s not about how much data you can get — it’s...

/ August 4, 2016
4 Simple Ingredients That Will Make Your Marketing More Omnichannel

4 Simple Ingredients That Will Make Your Marketing More Omnichannel

Did you know companies that adopt omnichannel marketing strategies retain 89% of their customers on...

/ August 2, 2016
3 ecamples of brands doing real omnichannel marketing

3 Examples Of Brands Doing Real Cross-Channel Marketing

This  post originally appeared on the Oracle Marketing Cloud blog. Whether you call it cross-channel...

/ July 29, 2016
the secret about financial services customers you need to know

The Secret About Financial Services Customers Digital Marketers Need To Know

I know this is unorthodox, but I’m going to give away the secret upfront: Your...

/ July 28, 2016
How To Get Call Data Inside Google Analytics In 4 Easy Steps

How To Get Call Data Inside Google Analytics In 4 Easy Steps

Marketers can’t afford to waste time working with incomplete data. The truth is, if Google...

/ July 15, 2016
what do our customers really think about us?

What Do Our Customers Really Think About Us?

Thank goodness for customer reviews, right? You wouldn’t buy a lava lamp from Amazon without...

/ July 12, 2016
what you need to know about the voice search explosion

What You Need To Know About The Voice Search Explosion

It all started with Siri. In 2011, Apple gave us the ability to get answers...

/ July 7, 2016
5 reasons email marketers are going crazy for phone calls

5 Reasons Email Marketers Are Going Crazy For Phone Calls

A world of email without phone calls is like a world of hamburgers without bacon....

/ July 6, 2016