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Amber has a background in content strategy and brings her passion for writing along with her two first names to the role of Senior Content Marketing Manager at Invoca. Amber began her career as a marketing copywriter and has since gained experience in SEM and content strategy for both B2C and B2B organizations. Amber loves the outdoors, physical activity, especially when it’s competitive, reading and attempting to be musical. She is currently training daily to become the first female champion in Invoca’s Ping Pong League history.

10 explanations of omnichannel marketing that will make you rethink your strategy

10 Explanations Of Omnichannel Marketing That Will Make You Rethink Your Strategy

Does it seem like we as marketers are always one step behind our audiences? People...

/ June 21, 2016
invoca brings phone call insights to facebook with industry-first solution

Invoca Brings Phone Call Insights To Facebook With Industry-First Solution

Three weeks ago we brought you Invoca for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and the reception from...

/ June 14, 2016
9 ways you’re messing up marketing attribution

9 Ways You’re Messing Up Marketing Attribution

We’ve all been there. You tell a hilarious joke, and then hear someone else tell...

/ May 10, 2016
9 reasons marketers are dumping lead forms for phone calls

9 Reasons Marketers Are Dumping Lead Forms For Phone Calls

The online form was once revered as the ultimate tool in lead generation. For years...

/ April 4, 2016
why emarketer says the phone is the most frustrating channel

Why eMarketer Says The Phone Is The Most Frustrating Channel

This month eMarketer reported that consumers say the phone is the most frustrating channel for...

/ March 29, 2016
18 stats about marketing analytics that will make you nervous

18 Stats About Marketing Analytics That Will Make You Nervous

According to an IBM survey of over 700 CMOs, one of the top four priorities...

/ March 24, 2016
how to tell if call intelligence will boost your bottom line

How To Tell If Call Intelligence Will Boost Your Bottom Line

Martech vendors are really good at making promises. They all claim to have the perfect...

/ March 10, 2016
5 mobile insights that will change how you market to millennials

5 Mobile Insights That Will Change How You Market To Millennials

This post originally appeared On The Oracle Modern Marketing Blog. Everywhere you go, millennials are...

/ February 24, 2016
marketo's heidi bullock on why marketers need to be customer obsessed

An Analytics Pro Shares Tips For Omnichannel Success

Open Mic is a monthly Q&A series by Invoca that offers fresh perspective from today’s...

/ February 22, 2016
q&a with a salesforce omnichannel master

Q&A With A Salesforce Omnichannel Master

It’s only a matter of time before omnichannel marketing is the status quo. In a...

/ February 18, 2016
11 simple ways to get more calls from your marketing campaigns

11 Simple Ways To Get More Calls From Your Marketing Campaigns

For those of you who entered the marketing world within the last decade, you know...

/ February 17, 2016
bringing back the old school: why phone conversations are the missing link in personalization

Bringing Back The Old School: Why Phone Conversations Are The Missing Link In Personalization

This post originally appeared on Marketo. The most personal conversations happen offline. While a personalized...

/ February 8, 2016
secrets from an adwords pro: q&a with larry kim

Secrets From An AdWords Pro: Q&A With Larry Kim

When it comes to paid search, no one knows more than Larry Kim. He’s the...

/ January 26, 2016
how to get more phone calls from your mobile paid search [video]

How To Get More Phone Calls From Your Mobile Paid Search [Video]

The time has come. More paid search clicks happen on mobile than desktop. eMarketer reports...

/ January 21, 2016