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Amber has a background in content strategy and brings her passion for writing along with her two first names to the role of Senior Content Marketing Manager at Invoca. Amber began her career as a marketing copywriter and has since gained experience in SEM and content strategy for both B2C and B2B organizations. Amber loves the outdoors, physical activity, especially when it’s competitive, reading and attempting to be musical. She is currently training daily to become the first female champion in Invoca’s Ping Pong League history.

uncensored responses to google’s secure paid search update from real search marketers

Uncensored Responses To Google’s Secure Paid Search Update From Real Search Marketers

Google’s secure paid search update has rocked the search marketing world. And rightly so. When...

/ April 11, 2014
what the affordable care act teaches us about marketing

What the Affordable Care Act Teaches Us About Marketing

March 31st was the last day to sign up for the Affordable Care Act… dun...

/ April 2, 2014
how a health insurance agency increased agent appointments 10 fold

How A Health Insurance Agency Increased Agent-Appointments 10 Fold

What is HealthMarkets HealthMarkets is one of the largest health insurance agencies in the nation,...

/ March 20, 2014

Why I’m Looking Forward To LeadsCon West

March 24th, I’ll be road-tripping with the Invoca crew to Viva Las Vegas.  While I...

/ March 13, 2014
3 Reasons B2B Mobile marketing analytics should include call data

3 Reasons B2B Mobile Marketing Analytics Should Include Call Data

So much of successful marketing depends on the quality of your analytics. The trouble is...

/ February 13, 2014

New Google AdWords Conversion Reporting Is Better, But Far From Complete

Last week you may have gotten an email from Google AdWords announcing updates to their...

/ February 11, 2014
the missing call to action in B2B mobile marketing

The Missing Call-To-Action In B2B Mobile Marketing

59% of B2B buyers are using mobile devices as a key part of their research...

/ February 6, 2014
Sales and marketing align

Sales and Marketing Take Their Relationship To The Next Level With Lead-To-Revenue Management

Historically sales and marketing have had a tenuous relationship. Marketing sometimes gets a bad rap...

/ January 20, 2014

Call Marketing Automation Transforms Telecom Into Powerful Inbound Marketing Tool

Telecom is a highly complex world that as marketers, we tend to steer clear of....

/ January 17, 2014

Tag Management Gives Marketers Greater Simplicity And Control

Long gone are the days of freewheeling, right-brained marketers who spend their days making things...

/ January 14, 2014

19 Surprising Call Marketing Stats You Can’t Ignore

Inbound phone calls. It’s a too often overlooked channel that gets lost in the louder...

/ October 5, 2013

5 Tricks To Turning Inbound Calls Into Sales

Turning calls into sales can be hard. Especially when you launch new marketing campaigns, partner...

/ September 20, 2013

5 Ways Invoca Helps SMBs Close The Online-to-Offline Marketing Loop

Let’s be honest. We don’t all have the same budget as Apple or Nike to...

/ September 5, 2013
adwords releases upgraded urls: search marketers rejoice

The Gaping Hole In Google AdWords Analytics

The tagline for Google’s Enhanced Campaigns is, “marketing for a constantly connected world,” and basically...

/ September 4, 2013