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While graduating UCSB Mike caught "startup fever" and has been sick ever since. He has worked in numerous high-tech ventures, typically in software related positions. With true "full stack" experience, from micro-controller firmware to globally distributed SaaS applications, Mike feels most at home when leading teams of engineers to success and architectural nirvana.

Invoca moves to continuous deployment

Inside Invoca Engineering — The Journey to Continuous Deployment

The Inside Invoca Engineering blog series peers inside the machine to detail the discoveries, insights...

/ July 25, 2018

Developers Working For The Weekend: A Recap Of The Invoca Hackathon

This past weekend at the Invoca office was one for the books! Software developers consumed...

/ August 31, 2016
achievement unlocked by the invoca engineering team

Achievement Unlocked By The Invoca Engineering Team

This week Invoca’s engineering team celebrated a milestone: we’ve completed our 100th (and last —...

/ June 30, 2016