Grabbing more than 60% of 2017 digital ad spendFacebook and Google are officially a duopoly when it comes to digital advertising market share. These two companies are at the center of every marketer’s strategy and budget, which is why Invoca’s integration with Facebook is so strategic – and frankly, exciting.

In June 2016, we were first to market with a Facebook integration enabling marketers to optimize their social campaigns to drive more calls, and ultimately more revenue. In August we became an official Facebook Marketing Partner. Today Invoca for Facebook is either being used, or is on the roadmap, for a large majority of our customers.

And with the introduction of our new Signal AI product, the possibilities for marketers to drive conversions with Facebook multiply. For example, think about creating lookalike audiences in Facebook not only for people who called, but for those who called about a specific item, callers who actually purchased, said a specific keyword on the call etc. And with Invoca’s proprietary machine learning, this level of targeting and audience building all happens in real-time, immediately after the call. This helps marketers make smarter decisions with respect to campaign optimizations and budget allocations. Waiting days for call dispositions often means hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted on campaigns that aren’t successful.

Invoca Signal AI

At the end of the day, the proof is in the pudding, which is why I want to share the story of how our customer, BoomTown, used Invoca for Facebook to boost revenue by 20%.

From Forms to Phones

First, you might be wondering who BoomTown’s a South Carolina based software company that provides marketing and sales automation for the real estate industry. They began working with Invoca after discovering that lead forms weren’t a practical way to convert their prospects (real estate agents), who are often busy and on the go. Instead of getting them to fill out a form on their mobile phone and wait for a call back, BoomTown decided to promote phone numbers as a call to action across all of their marketing channels. This shift has been hugely successful to their business.

Integrating Online and Offline

BoomTown knew they could drive conversions more effectively by immediately taking a call from an interested agent, rather than responding later to a lead form submission. That’s why they wanted to increase the number of calls to their sales team.

The company moved its advertising focus to inbound call leads by using Facebook video ads to promote its app, BoomTown NOW. By leveraging Invoca for Facebook, BoomTown could see how their Facebook ads were driving calls and sales.

To reach the right real estate agents, the team built a Custom Audience in Facebook of people who had subscribed to the BoomTown blog and submitted forms through its Facebook campaigns from the last quarter of 2016. These people were familiar with BoomTown, but didn’t know much about the product’s features and benefits. To reach larger groups, BoomTown also created a lookalike audience based on its Custom Audience.

The Results

BoomTown then measured the success of the campaign using Facebook’s Offline Conversions API to determine attribution of offline sales to Facebook ad campaigns. The 6-month campaign between January–June 2017 brought in more calls and helped BoomTown sales reps close more sales faster, resulting in:

BoomTown Invoca

“The ability to connect our offline and online channels so seamlessly has been a game changer because even though calls dominate our sales pipeline, we have a strong digital presence. We rely on Facebook advertising to build our brand presence and educate our audience through video, with the goal to get them on the phone. We saw a large increase in total call volume when we shifted our strategy to urge prospects to call first, rather than complete a form.” Brock Ward, Digital Marketing Manager, BoomTown

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Laura Schierberl

Posted by Laura Schierberl

Laura Schierberl is director of content marketing and communications at Invoca. Prior to that she held positions at Oracle, Responsys and Hill & Knowlton where she honed her skills in all things PR, content and social media. Laura earned a B.A. in Spanish and Communications at Wake Forest University. Fun facts: she loves crime TV shows and her labrador has dabbled in modeling.