This year’s Call Intelligence Summit was big. We heard from industry leaders from Facebook, Google, and Adobe, and we saw how real marketers from national brands are using call intelligence to take the customer experience to new heights. We hope everyone learned a lot, made new friends, and left inspired to make some big changes to their own marketing.

In case you weren’t furiously taking notes or didn’t make it to the event, we’ve compiled the absolute must-have takeaways.

1. Voice is the Next Big Thing

At Invoca, we’re always encouraging marketers to think beyond the traditional boundaries of digital marketing. In fact, that was the theme of our event — Think Beyond. To see what I mean, take a look at the video below.

Voice and technology are intersecting more than ever. Think about companies like Amazon and Google. Both are heavily investing in voice technology with products like Alexa and Google Home. And then you have Facebook, Slack, and Snapchat, which have launched voice call features. Why? Because voice is human — it’s easy, intuitive, and personal. And it’s going to continue to play a prominent role in the customer journey.

2. Invoca is a Voice Marketing Cloud

invoca-vmc3One of the biggest announcements was Invoca’s Voice Marketing Cloud. If you thought Invoca was just really cool call tracking software, think again. Invoca is the first solution to connect insights from calls and voice conversations to the entire customer journey.

Invoca captures tons of data about phone calls, and then makes it possible to apply this data across the entire omnichannel customer experience. You can use Invoca’s data to:

  • Optimize campaign performance across search, email, social, display, and website.
  • Personalize the call experience in real-time.
  • Automate the customer journey beyond the call, triggering the right next action.
  • Expand your audience through a network of partners.

3. All The Data You Need

Good marketing depends on good data. We showcased some of Invoca’s newest features around collecting and applying deep marketing and customer insights.

custom data

For example, did you know that Invoca has the ability to capture custom data fields? Let’s say you’re a marketer for a home insurance provider. When a prospect calls, you want to know if they live in a high-risk geographic location, and you want to know if they are a homeowner. Both data points can help you determine if this is a valuable prospect. This level of insight helps you better gauge your marketing performance. You can also use this layer of data to create a custom audience segment for these high-quality prospects that you can be sure to retarget if they don’t convert.

Invoca allows you to capture data including:

  • Custom data
  • Demographic insights (age, gender, etc.)
  • Voice analytics (what was said on the call)
  • Caller behavior (keypresses, call duration, etc.)
  • Marketing data (keyword, campaign, customer ID, etc.)

4. How to Drive Revenue with Invoca

What’s the point of Invoca if it doesn’t have a positive impact on your bottom line? The top-rated breakout session of the event was 5 Ways to Drive Higher ROI with Invoca. In this session, marketers from AllState, Peformics, Connect Your Home, and Invoca discussed how they use Invoca to optimize:

  • Campaign and media
  • Agent and call treatment
  • Landing pages
  • Lifecycle marketing
  • Affiliate program

You can see the highlights of the presentation on SlideShare.

5. So. Much. Fun.


As always, we like to show our customers, partners, and friends a good time. While it was exceptionally warm even for Santa Barbara, I think everyone enjoyed the sunshine, networking opportunities, and the chance to let loose after absorbing so much educational content. We hope you had just as much fun as we did, and we can’t wait to see you next year!

Amber Tiffany

Posted by Amber Tiffany

Amber has a background in content strategy and brings her passion for writing along with her two first names to the role of Senior Content Marketing Manager at Invoca. Amber began her career as a marketing copywriter and has since gained experience in SEM and content strategy for both B2C and B2B organizations. Amber loves the outdoors, physical activity, especially when it’s competitive, reading and attempting to be musical. She is currently training daily to become the first female champion in Invoca’s Ping Pong League history.