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Invoca Product Tour. How to Personalize Call Routing Using Digital and Offline Data

Personalize Call Routing Using Digital and Offline Data

This week’s product tour video shows you how to connect and use digital and offline...

/ April 18, 2019
Invoca named best call tracking call analytics platform in Marketing Technology Awards

Invoca Named Best Call Analytics Platform in Marketing Technology Awards 2019

As Invoca marches forward as the market leader in AI-powered call tracking and analytics, the...

/ March 25, 2019
Woman on phone. How Frontier Communications use Invoca to drive authentic customer engagement.

How Frontier Communications Drives Authentic Customer Engagement

Today’s consumer has nearly unlimited choices and easy access to them. Because of this, having...

/ March 25, 2019
How to Use Call Tracking to Improve Your Google Ads Performance

How to Use Call Tracking to Improve Your Google Ads Performance

This is a contributed post from the experts at Linear, a PPC/CRO agency focused on...

/ March 18, 2019
Learn about how to use the best call tracking software in the Call Tracking Study Guide.

Introducing The Call Tracking Study Guide for Marketers

If you want to learn how call tracking and analytics platforms work for marketers, you...

/ March 14, 2019
Woman on phone reading papers. How Starkey Hearing Technologies use Invoca Signal AI to understand customer journey.

How Starkey Hearing Technologies Uses AI To Understand the Complete Customer Journey

Starkey Hearing Technologies is leading the hearing aid industry in the strategic use of AI....

/ March 12, 2019
Man holding remote controller. How Invoca call tracking and analytics help Dish Network increase conversion rate.

Invoca Call Tracking and Analytics Helps DISH Boost Conversion Rates

Dish Network needed smarter call tracking because while its customers can subscribe to new TV...

/ March 11, 2019
Invoca Product Tour. Add call tracking and analytics into Salesforce sales cloud for closed-loop attribution.

Integrate Call Analytics into Salesforce Sales Cloud for Closed-Loop Attribution

If you want to dig deeper into how to integrate your call data into Salesforce—you’re...

/ March 7, 2019
iPad screen with analytics. Adobe and Invoca call tracking and analytics for call attribution and campaign optimization.

Video: How to Get Better Call Attribution and Campaign Optimization with Adobe Experience Cloud and Invoca

Whether you’re new to call tracking and analytics or want a refresher course, you’re in...

/ March 1, 2019
Call tracking and analytics result marketers should know.

We Analyzed 17 Million Phone Calls, Here’s What Marketers Should Know

Invoca is a call tracking and analytics technology that enables marketers to connect offline phone...

/ February 27, 2019
Woman on phone. How Invoca call tracking and analytics work for call center.

How Invoca Call Tracking & Analytics Works for the Call Center

When it’s time to implement a call tracking and analytics solution like Invoca, it may...

/ February 26, 2019
Analytics on iPad screen. Invoca call tracking and analytics attribute calls and create audiences in google analytics.

Video: Attribute Calls and Create Audiences in Google Analytics

Looking to dive deeper into call tracking and analytics? You’ve come to the right place....

/ February 21, 2019
Invoca product tour video. How Invoca call tracking and analytics help detect and understand call outcomes with AI.

Video: How Call Tracking Helps You Detect and Understand Call Outcomes With AI

How does Invoca’s call tracking and analytics software work? In this video series, we make...

/ February 14, 2019
woman on phone. Marketers need to know facebook click to call ads.

Facebook Click-to-Call Ads: 5 Things Marketers Need to Know

If you’re trying to make it easy for customers to call your business, you are...

/ February 13, 2019