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7 Things Marketers and Advertisers Need to Stop Doing in 2020

It’s once again the time of year for predictions posts and general harping on everything...

/ December 30, 2019
Invoca call tracking helps you optimize your remarketing.

How to Use Call Tracking to Improve Ad Retargeting and Create a Better Customer Experience

American consumers are exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 ads every day. That’s a whole...

/ December 4, 2019

5 Ways Email Marketing Automation Can Improve Customer Experience

This is a contributed post from our friends at Campaign Monitor A successful email marketing...

/ November 13, 2019

Can Brands Automate a Human Connection?

This piece was originally published in SmartBrief. Intelligence is the ability to gather information and...

/ August 22, 2019
A person holding a phone, Why customers prefer text messages over phone calls

Why Nobody Answers the Phone Anymore – Not Even My Mom

Consumer research shows that people like to be able to call businesses to make purchases,...

/ July 15, 2019
Survey shows consumers don’t trust AI for customer service on healthcare & financial services, but prefer human assistance.

New Invoca Research Conducted by The Harris Poll

Brands are betting on AI and digital communications to enhance their customer experience, and, in...

/ June 26, 2019

How YDesign Group Uses Invoca and Adobe to Make Data-Driven Decisions

YDesign Group is an online retailer specializing in modern and contemporary lighting, furnishings, and decorative...

/ June 25, 2019
Woman standing talking on the phone with shopping bag. How AI can help marketers solve brand based problems.

4 Common Brand-Based Problems Marketers Can Solve with AI

Historically, many brand-based problems have stemmed from not being human enough. This issue is going...

/ May 23, 2019
Woman smiling holding and looking at phone. How marketers can increase sales and inbound calls by using SMS messages.

How to Use SMS Text Messages to Increase Sales and Inbound Calls

This is a contributed post from our partners at Drips, who provide call Conversational Texting...

/ May 20, 2019
Man and woman looking at papers. How home improvements companies build trust with customers.

How Leading Home Improvement Companies Build Trust with Customers

It’s been on your to-do list for months. Okay, it’s actually years. Home improvement —...

/ April 17, 2019
Adobe Summit 2019 Key Topics discussed.

10 Key Topics from Adobe Summit 2019

Adobe Summit 2019 has come to a close and we are still feeling the exhilaration...

/ April 2, 2019
Here are Adobe Summit Keynote takeaways.

5 Takeaways From The Adobe Summit Keynote

Even though I’m not physically at Adobe Summit, I committed my morning to soaking up...

/ March 26, 2019
Woman texting. Here are examples of what banks do to improve customer experience.

5 Examples of Banks Winning at Customer Experience

Customer experience isn’t a “growing consumer expectation” anymore, it’s a demand. Shoppers will walk away...

/ March 20, 2019
Holding phone with chat screen. Chatbots are failing. Marketers should add EQ features.

Chatbots Are Failing Consumers. Here’s How They Can Do Better.

Chatbots are everywhere. These “conversational agents” can help us book a flight, order a pizza,...

/ March 11, 2019