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Invoca Summit 2019 was a gathering of marketing leaders intent on exploring human conversions in today’s customer journey. This year’s event gave attendees the opportunity to dive into the heart of the consumer buying process, the different technologies behind tracking lead data through the entire sales funnel, and tons of insights into how to use data to close more sales for your business.

Our Key Takeaways from Invoca Summit

Keynote speaker and business mogul Daymond John brought his personal insights from years of creating successful brands. Together, the entirety of the speakers at the Invoca Summit offered presentations that tied the most important aspects of the modern customer journey together, including: 

  • Paid media optimization 
  • Conversational analytics 
  • Marketing analytics & attribution
  • Affiliate marketing 

By delving into each of these important aspects, the Invoca Summit brought new insight into how these important building blocks of business are changing with emerging technology and evolving consumer demands. This provided plenty of fuel for attendees to continually improve their business and mindsets as leaders and embrace change to position themselves at the forefront of their industries. 

What we Did at Summit

Besides the prerequisite learning, networking, and after-Summit activities, this year we also had the pleasure of bringing in Digital Market Media’s CEO Tom Carolan as a guest speaker. Tom focused on the areas of expertise that have built Digital Market Media into a trusted marketing partner for many of the largest brands around; Compliance, Quality, and Customer Satisfaction. Tom’s presentation reviewed how the combination of the latest technologies and data integrations are used by Digital Market Media to streamline the customer experience and ensure compliance, all while delivering great CPA’s to their clients. Here’s a short message from Tom himself:

“Compliance, Quality and Customer Satisfaction are the motor that has helped drive Digital Market Media to become the company it is today. But these three pillars don’t appear out of thin air and certainly don’t come easy, as I am sure most of you know. It takes a certain mix of ingredients to find success, but when you find those key ingredients, you are able to take your company to the next level in providing strong compliance, impeccable quality, and over-the-top customer satisfaction. 

For Digital Market Media, that key ingredient came in the form of Invoca, more specifically using Invoca’s unmatched call tracking and analytics capabilities to bring Digital Market Media to the forefront of those 3 key pillars in the industry.

How Invoca Helps Us Deliver the Highest Quality Transfers to Our Clients 

Those of you familiar with Invoca’s platform can attest, when it comes to call tracking and granular, in-depth analytics and reporting, Invoca is unmatched. These capabilities have allowed Digital Market Media to provide extremely consistent and high-quality campaigns to every client, no matter their need. On top of this, Invoca’s Webhook solution has enabled Digital Market Media to combine the Invoca software with some of the other industry-leading technologies, such as Jornaya LeadiD. In this example, the ability to post each unique Jornaya LeadiD to our clients with every call brings an added layer of compliance and security for both parties, which provides great value in this industry. This function has allowed us to continue to separate ourselves from the competition. There are dozens of integrations like this that can greatly enhance your business, as they have Digital Market Media, all because of the strong functionality of Invoca.

Our #1 Concern: Regulatory Compliance & the Future 

As a lead generation and pay-per-call marketing company, our biggest concern is and always will be compliance. That is why the exponential advancements in technology coupled with expanding regulations in all aspects of the industry make it increasingly difficult and risky to be a company in the space.

With this, Digital Market Media needed a partner that had a plan and focus on maintaining and improving compliance, even as these regulations grow and transform over time. 

The bottom line is this: we found that Invoca is as serious about compliance as us, all while providing top-of-class call routing and analytics capabilities. 

For entrepreneurs, marketing and sales managers, business owners, and anyone else who is serious about being armed with the right technology to ensure you are providing strong compliance, impeccable quality, and over the top customer satisfaction, you would be hard-pressed to find another company more suited for the task than Invoca.

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Kyle Andersson

Posted by Kyle Andersson

Kyle Andersson is the Marketing Operations Manager at Digital Market Media, and oversees operations in all of Digital Market Media’s internal divisions. Kyle is a recent graduate of Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, California where he studied Marketing and Data Analytics.