Today’s marketers are all about making data-based decisions. The days of guessing and gut feelings are gone, mostly. One of the data gaps that marketers frequently encounter occurs when customers call. They don’t know if they’ve been to the website, clicked a paid search ad, or engaged with the company is on social media. And this is a big problem for healthcare companies like Dispatch Health, because most of their prospects become customers on the phone, which means they can’t attribute a lot of conversions to marketing.

Dispatch Health provides in-home urgent care services as an alternative to an ER visit or a non-emergency 911 transport. When Andrea Pearson came on board as Dispatch Health’s CMO in January 2018, one of her goals was to make sure that everything could be measured—including attributing conversions that happen on the phone.

Pearson turned to Invoca call tracking and analytics to get the data and attribution that she needed to optimize campaigns that were driving calls. Within 90 days of implementing Invoca, Dispatch Health was able to convert 50 percent more consumers. “The call data was key to improving not just call conversion but also our website and requests made from our digital channels, from improving ad copy and landing pages to the phone call handling,” says Pearson.

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Owen Ray

Posted by Owen Ray

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