Meet Jenna Fabino from the Invoca Customer Experience team! When she isn’t riding horses or providing a giant smile everywhere she goes — she delivers stellar experiences to our customers. We chatted with her about her role here and why she loves working with her team at Invoca.

1. What do you do at Invoca?
I’m a Customer Experience Project Manager on the Customer Experience team. I work on customer-facing communication, platform migrations, Customer Success enablement material, and Invoca Summit breakout sessions.

2. What brought you to Invoca?
At the time, in 2013, two of my cousins and my friend worked at RingRevenue (pre-Invoca). I was the RingRevenue admin at the company I was working at and really liked the technology and the team – James Resetco was my Account Manager. Invoca had a great product plus people who loved their work and company, and I wanted to join!

3. What’s your favorite Invoca company event?
Usually the summer picnic, but last year’s holiday party was hard to beat.

4. What is one fun fact about yourself?
I am an avid equestrian and compete in horse shows where I gallop a horse at fast speeds over jumps. Very safe.

Debby Haynam

Posted by Debby Haynam

Debby is Invoca's Content and Social Media Specialist. With passions in writing, design, and video production, she strives for creative and authentic storytelling. When not creating marketing content, you can find her trying to find the least pretentious cup of coffee in San Francisco.