At Invoca, every employee is involved in making our customers successful in one form or another, but for some it’s their everyday mission and passion. Nancy Steele is one of those people and her dedication to our customers — and to the employees on Invoca’s customer success team — is unmatched. Trust us, she’s someone you want to get to know, so keep on reading!

What’s your role at Invoca? How did you end up working in customer success?

My role is Senior Director of Customer Experience. Prior to Invoca, I ran my own consulting business. I was hired to work on a two month project for the customer success team here, and quickly realized that the opportunity at Invoca was too good to pass up. The rest is history!

What’s the most rewarding part of working directly with Invoca’s customers?

Much of my work is empowering Invoca employees with the insights and knowledge to deliver the most relevant and impactful experience for our customers. I get a lot of satisfaction watching the team bring our customers to that “a-ha” moment of using Invoca’s platform to finally get marketing attribution for phone calls.

Recently, one of our support team members (Austin) worked with a customer to solve an issue with their paid search campaigns, which was costing them a significant amount of money. The issue wasn’t directly related to Invoca, but Austin uncovered it and was committed to helping our customer get to the bottom of the issue. This was greatly appreciated by the client and we made sure to acknowledge and celebrate this success internally at Invoca. Seeing this kind of dedication to making our customers successful is truly what I find most rewarding.

Describe the coolest thing that a current customer is doing with Invoca’s technology?

It’s exciting to see our customers take advantage of our real-time call routing capabilities to efficiently deliver calls and provide a great caller experience.

For example, at the start of an inbound call, a caller’s location is derived from either a landing page or through a voice prompt in the IVR. This location is then used in an Invoca API request to the customer’s call center. The customer’s call center responds with where the call should be delivered. This all happens in real-time!

Then, customers can use our SIP integration to deliver calls with enriched data (i.e. unique call identifier, marketing source of the call, or the caller’s product interest). Passing data with the call facilitates routing and links the call to an event in the customer’s systems. This is important as it allows customers to then easily post back to Invoca any downstream events that occur as result of the call, such as a purchase. These posted-back events, or Signals, in turn help marketers understand the full business impact of the call and can be used in optimization efforts with their integrated systems.

How do you encourage customers to get more out of their technology investment?

There are a few key differentiators when it comes to our most successful customers:

  • They dedicate an internal resource to be the Invoca champion and product expert. This builds a great communication framework and helps companies get the most value out of their investment in call tracking and analytics.
  • They participate in the partnership through business reviews, onsite visits and interaction with our support community.
  • They actively participate in advocacy opportunities, either through co-marketing efforts or by sharing how they find value and success with Invoca. This really strengthens the partnership and expands the positive influence customers can have at Invoca.
  • They continue to drive incremental value from their investment through new integrations, and participating in beta programs for new product features.

Any advice for young professionals looking to get into customer success? What skills are most important?

If you derive satisfaction from helping people, then working in customer success is a very rewarding career. I also think it’s important to be curious — if it drives you nuts not knowing something and you need to figure it out, you’ll enjoy the customer success environment. There is so much to learn, and curiosity leads to developing the knowledge and skills you need to help customers maximize their technology investment.

Sound interesting? We have a few open roles on the customer success team!

Favorite thing about working at Invoca?

The energy, the people, and the opportunity in front of us.

Laura Schierberl

Posted by Laura Schierberl

Laura Schierberl is director of content marketing and communications at Invoca. Prior to that she held positions at Oracle, Responsys and Hill & Knowlton where she honed her skills in all things PR, content and social media. Laura earned a B.A. in Spanish and Communications at Wake Forest University. Fun facts: she loves crime TV shows and her labrador has dabbled in modeling.