We sat down with Victor Borda, Director, Data Science at Invoca to see what makes his team unique and why he’s passionate about his work.

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What do you do at Invoca (what are your title, team, and big responsibilities)?

I am the Director of Data Science. I manage our data science R&D team and one of our feature implementation teams. Our focus is on delivering the Signal AI feature set.

What brought you to Invoca?

I knew Colin Kelley, co-founder and CTO, and several other employees through programming meet-ups. The company was a lot smaller then but had all the makings of a great team!

What’s your favorite Invoca company event?

Our half-yearly company events are a great chance to catch up with folks who are mostly on the road or working in other offices. Catching up and brainstorming is always fun and productive.

What is one fun fact about yourself?

It’s interesting that I run a team that is deep in math and probability, as I just found out that I have a French ancestor who was a luminary in math and physics, and as a result, my family name is inscribed on the Eiffel Tower along with names like LaPlace and Cauchy. It turns out he wrote a rather large book on logarithm calculations published in 1801 and I managed to buy a copy of it earlier this month. I can’t read French, but I can understand the math!

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