Remember how social media and digital interactions were supposed to be the future? Actually talking to another human — psh, that’s old school. Well it turns out marketers and tech giants have remembered the power of real life conversation along with the technology that never goes out of style — the phone.

Facebook’s “Call Now” Feature Opens Up New Revenue Opportunites

Facebook is one of many companies leading the charge to not only own digital interactions, but the offline conversations they lead to. Yesterday, Facebook announced a new local Newsfeed ad feature, the “call now” button. With 30 million active business pages on Facebook, it’s no wonder they are taking their “local awareness objective” seriously and finding new streams of revenue from their business users.

Facebook has realized phone calls are not only valuable points of engagement that companies are willing to pay for, but that they align with mobile behavior. It’s a smart way to engage and convert people on their smartphones.

The “call now” feature also coincides nicely with their recent app, Hello, which extends Facebook profile information to your phone’s caller ID. Facebook is clearly focused on bridging the gap between online and offline communication.

Facebook, Google, Apple, and Others Set Their Sights on the Phone Call

Facebook isn’t alone. They’re taking on the likes of Google, Apple, and Twitter to capture the most valuable, yet in recent years overlooked, aspect of “social” — the phone call. Twitter has been testing click-to-call ad features, as we saw in Mountain Dew’s successful campaign. Meanwhile, Google has expanded their focus on phone calls with AdWords updates like the latest call-only ad format. Apple has also focused on blending the online experiences and phone conversations with their Yosemite update that allows you to use any Apple device as a phone.

This recent push into offline phone conversations is no accident. It’s a calculated move by Facebook to corner the market on digital marketing in the omni-channel world. As the biggest names in tech begin putting billions of dollars behind phone conversations, there’s tremendous opportunity for companies to take advantage of the blending of digital and offline interactions that only phone calls can provide. Want to learn more about the vital role phone calls play in omni-channel marketing? Download your copy of the 2015 Call Intelligence Index today.


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