Invoca is heading to the Gartner Customer 360 Summit in sunny Orlando in less than a week. May 19th-21st Gartner will be hosting this exclusive event bringing together technology, customer relationship, and marketing leaders to take an enterprise-wide look at how to enhance the customer experience.

Customers are More Demanding Than Ever

I don’t know about you, but when I’m researching a product or service I want to buy, I don’t want to waste my time. Nor do I want to jump through hoops, be tossed around a call center, receive tons of irrelevant auto-response emails, or have a digital experience that leaves me frustrated or starting my search from scratch. I want convenience and simplicity. Time is money (and/or fun), and I bet your customers agree.

Lucky for today’s consumers, they are more empowered than ever before so they rarely have to suffer through a subpar experience. They have access to a multitude of digital content, vendor reviews and customer testimonials. They can easily research competitors and your product on their terms. And their terms often mean mobile.

Customers are Mobile-Centric

According to Gartner, in 2014 mobile phones are projected to reach 1.9 billion units and tablet shipments are forecasted to grow 38.6% from 2013. What about traditional PCs? A staggering 6.6% market decline. Crazy, right? Mobile is here, and usage is skyrocketing. It’s up to marketers to create engaging, informative and convenient opportunities for a mobile audience.

Creating Valuable Mobile Touch Points

Your mobile-crazed customers are interacting with your brand through multiple channels both online and offline, and they want a seamless experience. The potential of mobile in terms of online and offline engagement is huge (try this calculator to see just how huge)!

Whether you want to boost customer loyalty, retention or acquisition, it starts with mobile. It will allow you to gain deeper insight and understanding of your customer, engage with them on a more personalized level, increase loyalty and ultimately, increase revenue.

Meet Us at Gartner’s Customer 360 Summit

If you want to learn more about turning up the volume on your mobile strategy with Invoca’s inbound call intelligence,  visit us at booth #107 at the Gartner Customer 360 Summit or at the very least, stop by and say hi. We’ll show you how to create a seamless mobile customer experience that spans online and offline channels, without losing any visibility.  See you there!

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