It’s that time of year again—when we get to judge epic holiday video wins and fails. This year we saw everything from tear-jerking animation to Santa doing yoga. We put together our top five finds.

1. Apple | “Share Your Gifts”

Apple’s holiday video this year is an animated short that is sure to get the tears flowing. The plot follows a young person who is trying to find the confidence to follow her passion. Apple’s message is “try, even if you are afraid to fail.” Inspiration and animation—these are two of our favorite things.

2. Verizon | “Thanksgiving Moment”

For Thanksgiving, Verizon released this simple text message-based video of a son reaching out to his father right before the holiday. We all know seeing family at the holidays can be complicated, and Verizon leaned into this reality. As best said by a viewer’s comment “Wow. Right in the feels.”

3. Starbucks | “It’s back…”

Starbucks is subscribing to the old adage “a picture’s worth 1,000 words.” Except, it’s using over-the-top facial expressions to spread its holiday message. Just a warning, after watching you suddenly crave a gingerbread latte.

4. Old Navy | “Santa Yoga”

Old Navy gave us the gift we didn’t know we wanted—a video of Santa doing yoga. Straying far from the cookie eating trope, Old Navy is advertising its holiday sales through a yoga pants adorned Santa. The visual creativity is appreciated, because it gives us more than just a straightforward sales pitch.

5. Fast Company | How To Survive The Holidays

Fast Company asks a few different couples about their experiences with holidays–and the result is hilariously relatable. From stories of upsetting in-laws to favorite holiday foods, we can all see a bit of ourselves in the video participants. Relatability is a must for a video in this style, and Fast Company nailed it.

If a holiday video is on your to-do list, it’s not too late to see if your boss wants to dress up as Santa and do some yoga.

Happy holidays from the Invoca team!

Debby Haynam

Posted by Debby Haynam

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