Combining the power of Invoca’s call tracking platform and click-tracking from Everflow, Aragon Advertising armed itself with actionable data for optimizing campaign performance for its performance marketing clients.

The Challenge

Aragon is an award-winning performance marketing agency with core specialties in affiliate marketing, lead generation, and pay-per-call verticals. “Aragon takes the time to ensure goals are in-line with both advertisers and publishers with the intention of creating long-lasting, mutually-beneficial relationships where both sides succeed,” said Eric Famoso, Director of Sales at Aragon Advertising.

When Aragon began offering pay-per-call services four years ago, the space was still developing. Since then, they’ve grown their pay-per-call business 3x year over year and proven the market opportunity around pay-per-call. Their early success came from being able to promote offers from top tier brands, which they were able to access through Invoca’s syndication features. 

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In order to continue to push the boundaries in pay-per-call and scale its business, Aragon needed to develop deeper integrations in its marketing stack to manage both click tracking and pay-per-call data in a single platform that was also accessible to its affiliates.

“Aragon takes the time to ensure that goals are in line with both advertisers and publishers with the intention of creating long-lasting, mutually-beneficial relationships where both sides succeed.”

The Resolution

Working with Invoca’s AI-powered call tracking and conversational analytics platform helps Aragon deliver real-time call analytics, based on data generated before, during, and after a phone conversation. This provides transparency and data accessibility that allows their clients to make more informed optimization decisions.

“Invoca already works with some of the most well-respected brands. Their technology is strong, they have reliable infrastructure, calls don’t get dropped or blocked by carriers, and they spent a lot of resources building fraud protection for keeping Advertisers safe.”

Aragon started considering Everflow for click tracking in 2018, the platform promised and delivered a faster and more intuitive solution than Aragon was previously using.

Integrating Invoca with Everflow allows Aragon to provide a unified platform experience for its affiliates with all of its offers and Invoca data under one roof, as well as making billing more efficient by keeping all of the affiliate revenue records in one place. 

The partnerships with Everflow and Invoca arm Aragon with actionable data for optimizing the performance of all its campaigns and provides a new level of transparency with its clients and partners.

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Owen Ray

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