Purchasing auto or home insurance can be a complicated process. There are lots of options and making the wrong decision can be serious. That’s why many new insurance customers want to talk to a real live agent to walk them through the process so they can make more informed decisions and rest assured that they chose the right provider and product.

Plymouth Rock Assurance has been providing customers easy and simple auto, home, motorcycle, boat insurance purchasing experience for nearly 40 years. Their mission is to be an insurance company that is all about customer care and satisfaction. 

Phone calls are the main channel that they use to acquire new customers, and much of their marketing is focused on driving those high-value phone conversations. As Plymouth Rock was expanding, they increased their marketing spend to attract more customers. Ultimately, the company needed help identifying what digital marketing tactics were actually driving the calls.

“We have a ton of data, and it is really challenging to figure out which touchpoints really influence the consumer to make that decision,” said Melissa Robinson, Marketing Director of Operations at Plymouth Rock. This is where Invoca’s call tracking and analytics came in to provide them with accurate measurement metrics and insights.

Check out this video to see how Plymouth Rock Assurance uses Invoca call tracking and analytics to optimize marketing campaigns and increase conversion rates.

With Invoca, Plymouth Rock has more information about their inbound calls and what is driving them so they can now acquire more customers with effective marketing campaigns.

As a result, they have gained real-time visibility on over 200 marketing campaigns. In addition, their conversion rates have increased due to better alignment placed in marketing and sales based on call tracking.

Read the full case study to see how Plymouth Rock uses Invoca to attract more customers.

Lesley Choi

Posted by Lesley Choi

Lesley is a content marketing intern at Invoca. She is currently a marketing student at the University of San Francisco with a minor in computer science.