Progrexion helps people improve their credit standing through services provided by,, and the Lexington Law Firm. This is understandably often a very personal journey for its customers. When looking for help fixing their credit, people usually research their options online, but when it comes time to take action, consumers want to talk through the process with someone on the phone.

This posed a problem for Progrexion, because it had very little visibility into which marketing efforts were getting customers to call. “There was no way of connecting online personas with the people calling to sign up for the service, creating a disjointed customer experience and making it nearly impossible to know how digital marketing campaigns were performing,” said Steven Jones, Associate Director, Testing and Optimization, Progrexion.

To connect inbound phone calls to its digital marketing journey, Progrexion selected Invoca’s AI-powered call tracking and analytics platform.

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Progrexion can now determine who is calling and what channels drive the calls. Invoca’s Signal AI provides insight into the outcome of calls—if the customer was happy with the outcome, what products the customer is using or interested in, and where the customer is in their journey. These insights are then used to optimize marketing strategies through better content creation, segmentation, personalization, testing, targeting and keyword optimization in Adobe Experience Cloud. Since partnering with Invoca and Adobe Experience Cloud, Progrexion has achieved a 40% increase in sales.

Through the partnership, a single customer ID is created that spans Adobe Experience Cloud solutions, the Invoca call tracking and analytics platform, and Progrexion’s CRM database. This allows data to be shared across the platforms—ultimately providing powerful insights into who is calling and why.

“Invoca and Adobe allow us to derive insights from customer touch points that happen over the phone and turn them into actionable data that can be integrated with our online analytics platform,” said Jones. “This bridges the gap between online and offline journeys, optimizing our marketing efforts while improving the customer experience.”

Read the full case study to dive into how Progrexion is boosting sales by integrating the offline and online customer journey.

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