University Hospitals is one of the top healthcare providers in the United States, with more than 200 locations and about 30,000 employees. It also receives over 400,000 inbound calls from patients per month. Making sure these patients are connected with the right doctors and facilities is an ongoing priority for the nonprofit organization.

University Hospitals implemented Invoca to increase appointment scheduling rates and get more insight into marketing spend effectiveness. Before Invoca, twelve full-time employees were spending several hours a week manually analyzing phone calls, pulling them away from their regular work. “This process wasn’t efficient or accurate,” said Brooks. “It was also costly.” With Invoca, University Hospitals saves 40 hours of employee time weekly.

Now, University Hospitals can connect scheduled appointments to marketing performance in real time with Invoca and Signal AI. “[Call tracking and analytics] has changed the direction of marketing,” said Brooks. “Rather than saying, ‘this ad drove 10,000 clicks,’ we can now say, ‘this ad drove 500 appointments, also, here’s what happened on those phone calls.’”

“[With call tracking and analytics], we can now say, ‘this advertisement drove 500 appointments, also, here’s what happened on those phone calls.'”

See the full case study here

University Hospitals is also using Invoca to improve the patient experience. After implementing Invoca and Signal AI, University Hospitals found out that 29% of inbound patient phone calls were being routed to a physician messaging service. Out of these callers, only 10% were being scheduled for the appointment they wanted to make. Now, 68% of these inbound callers are getting appointments scheduled. “That’s had a huge impact,” said Brooks. “Invoca gave us insights into an issue that we didn’t even know about.”

“Invoca gave us insights into an issue that we didn’t even know about.”Noah Brooks, Manager, Digital Engagement & Analytics

“In healthcare, a phone call, including one driven by a marketing campaign, isn’t just a phone call,” said Noah Brooks, Manager of Analytics and Strategy at University Hospitals. “We have a responsibility to make sure that when patients call, they get the information and care they need, right when they need it. That responsibility includes using better technology to create a better patient experience, which is why we implemented Invoca.”

Read the full case study to dive into how University Hospitals is using Invoca call tracking and analytics to create a better patient experience and boost marketing results.

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