Between a Tesla driven on stage, witnessing the possibility of ordering Dunkin Donuts from a street advertisement, George Clooney talking about his failed attempt at portraying Batman, and the introduction of the ‘Experience Era’, Adobe Summit 2016 was an incredible experience. It’s hard to believe all of these amazing moments (and more!) were jam-packed into three short days. It seems like every marketer walked away from Adobe Summit feeling energized and inspired to get back to work.

The digital marketing insights you gained in Vegas at Adobe Summit shouldn’t stay in Vegas at Adobe Summit. Find out what your peers are saying about their experience at Adobe Summit 2016 in the SlideShare below.


Posted by Caitie Gonzalez

Caitie Gonzalez is a graduate from U.C. Santa Barbara with a B.A. in Film and Media Studies. She is Invoca's Social Media and Content Specialist, and resident videographer. She loves film/television, comic books, board games and video games.

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