If you want to dig deeper into how to integrate your call data into Salesforce—you’re in the right place. We created this series of product tour videos to demonstrate how to use Invoca to track, unify, and analyze call data, and show how to easily put this call data to work in the platforms you use every day. You can watch the complete series here.

In this video, we show you how to integrate call data into Salesforce Sales Cloud in real-time to achieve automated closed-loop reporting, build audiences in your other martech platforms, and more. Invoca captures and sends call data such as lead source, demographic information, and call outcomes to Salesforce. Then, connects this data to an existing contact or lead. If the customer doesn’t exist in Salesforce yet, Invoca will automatically create a new lead or contact.

By integrating call data into Salesforce, your team is empowered to have more personalized conversations and higher converting customer interactions.

Watch this short video to see exactly how it works within the platform:

Debby Haynam

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