Getting Great Place to Work (GPTW) certified means more than slapping another badge on our careers page, even though, that really does feel amazing. For us, it’s a signal that we are continuing in the right direction. Certification requires surveying all employees through GPTW. The survey includes over 50 questions on culture, leadership, and job satisfaction. To qualify for certification, the survey results need to meet a set positive response rate.

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Our survey results from certification give us data behind why Invocans think this is a special place to work — from trusting leadership to make smart decisions to being given unique opportunities to grow. Being certified as a Great Place to Work is just one small step of many in our journey to maintaining and building upon our company culture. We are ecstatic to see these results and are determined to continue moving in the right direction.

What the GPTW Survey Results Say About Our Culture

Our top performing statements revolved around leadership, particularly our leaders’ ability to be fair and credible. Invocans feel great work is valued and recognized, and that no favoritism or politics come into play with promotions and opportunities. They also strongly feel that they are well-informed when important decisions are being made.

Invoca Great Place to Work Survey Results of management practices

Data from Invoca’s Great Place to Work survey

Overall, our survey results put us ahead of the 2018 Fortune Best Workplaces benchmark for all categories including credibility, respect, fairness, pride, and camaraderie. What exactly does that mean for Invoca? It means we are on the right track; and, that our commitment to building a kind, innovative, respectful, and special culture is resonating with employees

Invoca Great Place to Work Survey Results by category

Data from Invoca’s Great Place to Work survey

Invoca Great Place to Work Survey Results in comparison to best comapnies

Data from Invoca’s Great Place to Work survey

Hear from Invocans Why They Love Working Here

That’s enough data talk, let’s hear from some Invocans! We recently sat down with employees across different teams and asked them about their experiences working at Invoca. Here’s what they said:

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