For search and display marketers, an important component of optimizing bids, placements, and messaging requires an understanding of the keywords and ads that drive conversions. But tracking conversions can be a complex endeavor, especially as consumers move from online to offline when they place a phone call, which is projected to happen over 169 billion times by 2020.

In an effort to give marketers a deeper layer of data, we’re announcing our new AdWords Offline Conversions integration – part of our best in class Invoca for AdWords offering – to help marketers in defining and understanding the types of calls and outcomes being driven by their paid search and Google Display Network campaigns. With this update, Invoca automatically posts Signals to AdWords in real-time.

Signal AI is Invoca’s answer to giving marketers visibility into calls – the type of call, the type of caller, what was discussed, and the outcome of the call. It’s a powerful tool for marketers to understand so much more than just purchases, but rather the entire conversion journey. This opens up opportunities to:

  • Fine tune targeting and ad copy based on where the consumer is in their buying cycle.
  • Shift spend if a campaign has a goal of driving new customer acquisition, but is actually driving current customers to call.
  • Increase spend for a keyword that is driving quotes or appointments, a Signal that indicates the final stages of the conversion journey.

The integration removes all the complexity of both tracking conversions and sending those conversions to AdWords. To simplify the process of defining Signals, Invoca leverages machine learning to provide industry-based predictive models that a marketer can enable out-of-the-box. It’s truly as easy as a click. If a marketer requires more sophisticated Signals, Invoca supports custom AI models based on unique business needs. It’s a feature that grows with a marketer as their strategies demand a more tailored approach. As soon as a Signal is evaluated, we automatically post the data to AdWords as a conversion and it appears as a conversion action in AdWords reports.

We are excited to see how our innovative customers will leverage Signals in AdWords. From remarketing to bid optimizations to fine tuning ads, marketers will be able to make better decisions and deliver better experiences, all while improving return on ad spend.

To learn how to leverage call conversion data to increase conversions, ROI, and revenue from AdWords, watch our webinar on demand.

Lauren Harris

Posted by Lauren Harris

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