How can we build the best technology that makes our customers wildly successful?

It’s that question that has pushed the product and engineering teams at Invoca to leverage the emerging and soon-to-be-ubiquitous technology already impacting our everyday lives- artificial intelligence. From immediate image recognition, to automated re-ordering of household items, AI is helping us be more efficient. Tech giants like Amazon, Salesforce, Facebook and Google are all leveraging AI to build applications that simplify consumer and business workflows – saving us time and money.

Today, Invoca joins the list of businesses leveraging machine learning as we introduce Signal AI for voice, adding the power and scale of machine learning to the Invoca Voice Marketing Cloud. This new product brings AI to voice conversations in real time, giving marketers visibility into the moments that mark the final stages of the buying process.

Businesses that sell expensive or complex purchases are often focused on driving consumers to call as one of the final stages of the consumer’s path to purchase.

Each of these conversations is extremely valuable. In a single conversation you can uncover who the customer is, what they’re interested in, where they are in their path to purchase, why they’re on that path now, and more. However for most marketers, listening to thousands of phone calls daily to understand what’s happening during the conversation is simply not scalable. But these calls are a goldmine of priceless information that marketers can leverage to optimize their marketing efforts. This was the challenge we faced at Invoca: how do we automatically extract insights from this goldmine of conversational data at scale, so that marketers don’t have to spend their valuable time and resources listening to call recordings, creating rules about those calls, and manually inserting this data into the rest of their MarTech stack?

Having processed hundreds of millions of phone conversations across various industries, we knew we were uniquely positioned to solve this problem by leveraging all of the big voice data at our disposal to uncover meaningful conversational insights. Powered by natural language processing, natural language classification and predictive modeling, Signal AI leverages conversational data to create two distinct types of predictive models.

Our first set of predictive models are industry-based, which means we’ve trained our models using conversational data across key industries including: insurance, automotive, lending/financial services, telecommunications, home services and healthcare. And, since we understand that not all companies want to identify the same insights from their conversations, we’ve created over 25 distinct pre-trained Signals that we offer out-of-the-box for marketers to choose from. Our methodology for creating these industry pre-trained signals is all performed with the strictest level of data governance, ensuring we are anonymizing data at each step of the model training process.

For marketers that want unique and custom insight into the conversation that aren’t solved by using industry pre-trained models, you can create custom AI models tailored specifically to your business. This means training our machine learning algorithms using conversational data from only your phone calls. So, whether you’re looking for a lower funnel shopper, someone who has a high intent to buy, if the agent delivered a positive calling experience, or simply if the caller made a purchase over the phone, Signal AI covers the broadest set of use-cases of any call intelligence platform. Additionally, our AI models are tuned over time through a retraining process as more feedback is supplied to them, so they become more intelligent as time goes on.

Signal AI is not just an intelligent component of Invoca’s Voice Marketing Cloud, it powers the flow of call and voice data to the rest of your MarTech stack. Invoca is already sending this data to the leading software applications in the world: Salesforce Sales & Marketing Cloud, Adobe Marketing Cloud, Google, Facebook and many more. Invoca’s ability to leverage AI to automatically analyze each voice interaction, segment the call appropriately, and distribute this to other marketing systems, allows us to continue our vision to get call and voice data alongside the rest of the data in the customer’s journey. Through the application of AI, we’re empowering marketers to make better decisions around optimizing campaigns, personalizing the customer experience, and expanding their reach as they look to acquire new customers.

We are thrilled to announce Signal AI after years in the making. It is currently in private beta as we explore side-by-side with our beta participants all the ways this powerful technology can be used to save you time and money, while driving more revenue and a better experience for your customers. As we look forward to the continued development of AI for the voice interface, our commitment remains strong to understanding how the future of AI can help marketers save time and money, while driving more revenue for their business.

If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us.

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