In January of 2019, I had the good fortune to land a job at Invoca. It’s been a truly magical year. And it’s just gotten even better as I just learned that Invoca has been selected as one of Fortune’s 100 Best Medium Workplaces for 2019. This is a competitive award, and we’re honored to be included. This should make every Invocan very proud. Beyond the excitement of being on the list, the real significance of this honor is that it’s a testament to the top-notch programs, policies and behaviors at Invoca that got us on the list.

If you’re interested in joining us, visit We have many roles open across product, engineering, customer success, sales, marketing, and more.

As I reflect on the past year, I’m amazed at everything Invoca has done to build and preserve its company culture.

A dream job for an HR leader is working at a company that is lead by values. The best companies have a foundation with three pillars:

  1. A strategic vision
  2. Company values 
  3. Systems, processes, and behaviors that empower employees to deliver on the strategy in a way that is in alignment with the vision and values.

When I joined, Invoca had every bit of this system in place but they didn’t realize it. That meant, they could not explain what made the culture special to candidates or strengthen it with existing employees. So, we spent the better part of the past year clarifying and publicizing how we are “values lead” and why that makes Invoca a special workplace.

The first thing we did was a culture mapping exercise where we articulated our behaviors and why they mattered. That work was used for two things. We used it to articulate our employee value proposition. We agreed that we’re building something special. We defined this sentiment in a short culture mission statement:

“Commitment to our customers, collaboration, and continuous improvement in a positive environment are more than words written on a wall at Invoca, it’s our way of life. We take pride in an inclusive and egoless culture that helps us drive innovation and build value for both our customers and our people. And of course, there’s the competitive pay, great perks, and getting to work on an industry-leading product. If this sounds unlike most tech jobs you’ve had, you’re right. Come join us. We’re building something special.” 

We also launched a new video that highlights why Invoca is a great place to learn and grow:

Additionally, we produced a new employee spotlight series where several of the folks that work here explain why they joined Invoca in their own words:

Next, we revised the company Value Statements so they matched what we already knew to be true about what we think is important, how we treat each other, and how we get work done. There is a big reveal of these new values coming for these in the next month.

Finally, we formed a team to focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion. We call it Project US. Project US’s mission is to create ways to share a diversity of perspectives and learn from the people around us. 

A culture does not thrive merely because it has vision and values. There needs to be an underlying framework of systems and processes that enable employees to do outstanding work in a way that is congruent with the values. Making sure those systems/processes are in place to empower employees is where Invoca’s People & Culture team will focus in the next year.

For example, we want to empower every manager to have the tools to provide career coaching to their teams at least once a quarter. In the upcoming year, we will build a learning/development framework for employees and create classes to help individual contributors and managers grow. Also, in order to help enable “velocity”, we will continue to establish methods to improve the hiring and onboarding processes. Additionally, as Invoca continues to build a robust remote employee program, we will continue to look for ways to ensure that those folks who are not in one of our brick and mortar offices feel a part of the culture and contribute their best work.

Congratulations to every Invocan for making us a Fortune Top 100 Medium Workplace. Let’s just keep making this place better and better!

Ellen Raim

Posted by Ellen Raim

Ellen’s driving force has always been finding “what makes people tick” and then using that understanding to ensure they feel recognized and fulfilled at work. This philosophy led her from the practice of employment law to senior roles in people and culture at several companies including Intel and Cascade Microtech. Along the way, she studied organizational design, studying happiness in an office environment; and behavioral science, with a focus on helping people make less anxiety-driven decisions. Joining Invoca in early 2019 has been one of the greatest experiences in her career. Working atInvoca has allowed her to work on building up a culture that was already organically great, introducing programs and processes to ensure that what makes the culture special remains strong as the company grows.