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We’re proud to announce that Invoca has been named an Inc. Magazine Best Workplace for 2018! We are very happy to receive this accolade, but what matters most is that we really do love working here.

We all have very challenging jobs and a lot is asked of us every day, but it all happens in an environment that is inclusive, supportive, diverse, and fun. Sure, it helps that we have rad offices in places like Santa Barbara, San Francisco, and Denver. Yeah, we’ve got snacks and plenty of La Croix. And of course, we have amazing and interesting technology. But being a great place to work isn’t all about perks and products — it’s about people.

“Great company culture doesn’t just ‘happen’, you have to put explicit time and effort into building the right culture, and make it a priority,” said our CEO, Gregg Johnson. “At Invoca we’ve been deliberate about creating a culture that’s grounded in continuous learning and growth, customer focus, teamwork and respect. It’s an honor to be recognized for what we’ve achieved so far, and I look forward to continued collaboration with employees on making Invoca a great place to work.”

I can tell you personally that this is not just lip service, I see it every day I come to work. But you don’t have to take my word for it. We’re hiring, so you can come see for yourself!

If you’re not quite ready to dive in, here’s what real Invocans said when I asked them one simple question: Why do you love working here?

We are growing really fast and everyone has to wear a lot of hats and chip in when needed. Everyone here is so darn helpful and communicative! We operate at a much greater capacity than our numbers because we share so much information internally and people are willing to lend their experience and expertise. Harrison Krat, Senior Solutions Architect
Invoca is full of people who are wonderful at their jobs, and their enthusiasm and positive energy shines through.  Amy Schultz, Software Engineer
Invoca is an awesome place to work! Great people, great customers, great product! Even while working remote, you always feel like part of the team 🙂  Heather Adams, Strategic Development Manager
Invoca has a community of people who constantly motivate you to do your best. Even as an intern, I feel that my projects are valued. Every day, I am given the chance to truly showcase and refine my professional skills.  Jasmine Salamat-amoli, Customer Success Intern
Invoca has a product like no other out there, with an entire company of smart, energetic can-do’ers standing behind it. I love working at Invoca because our customers love working with us — we solve big problems quickly and efficiently. Natale Patterson, Regional Sales Director
It’s very rare to find a company that values its employees as much as it values its product.  From the leadership team to every remote worker, being part of the Invoca family has been one of the best parts of my professional career. Chaly Barkarr, Customer Success Manager
Have you ever rowed on a crew team where everyone is rowing in the same direction, motivating the team to work harder and faster? That is what it’s like working at Invoca. Glenn Fleischman, VP Enterprise Sales
At Invoca, I work with peers that I can learn from and consistently push me to take on new and challenging opportunities. It’s such a fast-paced environment that every hour is as diverse as every day and I’m never bored with the same repetitive daily tasks. I’ve been with Invoca for almost 3 years now and people genuinely care about each other personally and work together to achieve business goals. The Invoca team is almost like a second family to me. On top of that, I get great satisfaction in being in a role where I know my contributions are valued and the work culture/environment empowers me to make my own decisions. Crystal Anderson, Customer Marketing & Advocacy Manager
It’s rare to find such a tight-knit team that consistently comes up with cool new ideas and creative solutions to our customers’ objectives…and actually executes! My co-workers are next-level smart, capable, respectful, and fun. Plus, our customers continue to impress me with how they are leveraging our technology to really improve the way they do business. Lauren Harris, Director, Product Management
Invoca does a fantastic job of creating career growth opportunities. I’ve been with the company for nearly 4 years and have been able to advance my job title & responsibilities regularly and even switch to a different position where I could learn new skill sets and knowledge. I’ve had strong mentors who encourage me to think about how I want to grow professionally and create structured plans to help me achieve my goals. Maria Bruno, Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Invoca has a great corporate culture that strives for excellence always. I am reminded daily how fortunate I am work work with smart people who consistently work hard to make our customers successful. Angelique Davis, Sr. Enterprise Customer Success Manager
What’s not to love about Invoca? It’s an intellectually stimulating and deeply fulfilling job. Invoca has some of the smartest minds I’ve ever worked with, and even smarter customers who are at the forefront of cutting-edge marketing. Also, we have kick-#$% technology that you can’t help nerding out over!  Pooja Tripathi, Sr. Enterprise Customer Success Manager
There isn’t a 1:1 correlation between a top-notch product or service and a ‘good company.’  It’s the people that make an organization successful, and Invoca is rich in this regard. I consider myself extremely fortunate to work alongside so many highly intelligent, caring, hard-working, supportive and fun people.  Ben Counter, Enterprise Customer Success Manager
I am so grateful everyday for the opportunity to work with smart, dedicated people totally committed to doing right by our customers.  Invoca is the most customer AND employee centric company for whom I’ve had the privilege of working. Truly impressive product, people, leadership, and environment. A joy to come to work everyday!  Wendy Halleck, Onboarding Specialist
I love working at Invoca because of the support I receive from the company, my leaders, and my peers. We have such a collaborative environment and every person has the opportunity to make their ideas a reality. I am constantly inspired and motivated by my colleagues who bring so much passion to their work. Zoë Georgakis, HR Generalist
Invoca is truly something special. Not only do I feel great progression in my career as I work to accomplish huge feats, but I grow ever more fond of my coworkers every day I work here. I know everyone intimately and genuinely look forward to connecting with them each day. We are a family here and the work we do together is unparalleled due to the immense respect and adoration we have for each other. I have never seen anything like it, and likely never will again. Daniel Dubinsky, Sales Engineer

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Owen Ray

Posted by Owen Ray

Owen Ray is the Senior Content Marketing Manager at Invoca. Prior to that, he worked with SaaS companies like Aria Systems, Glassdoor, and Mindjet. Owen sharpened his writing tools at San Francisco State University and Bay Area newspapers before working his way into the Silicon Valley creative services set. He hails from Santa Rosa, California and definitely does not leave work early on Wednesdays to go drag racing at Sonoma Raceway.