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We’ve been racking up awards for our call tracking and analytics platform in the last few months, but there’s no way that we could do that without all of the amazing people behind it. Happy people do awesome work, and that’s why we’re so excited to announce that Invoca has made Inc.’s Best Workplaces list for the second consecutive year.

This award recognizes companies that value their culture, provide standout employee benefits, and prioritize employee well-being. “It is a tremendous honor to receive this award for the second consecutive year,” said Ellen Raim, VP People & Culture of Invoca. “We take pride in a special culture that helps us drive innovation and build value for both our customers and our people, and we have made it a priority to improve and build upon the amazing workplace culture we have created.”

This award comes as Invoca experiences tremendous business growth, achieving 115% year-over-year growth in the second half of 2018, fueled by a record influx of enterprise customers in telecommunications, financial services, and healthcare. To support this growth, Invoca has expanded its operations with a new office in the Denver metro area and by moving its Santa Barbara headquarters to a larger downtown office. The new location improves the quality of life for Invoca employees, providing walkable access to shopping, dining, and transportation. These offices are in addition to Invoca’s existing location in San Francisco.

“Invoca is committed to fostering collaboration and continuous improvement in a positive environment, and that’s more than words on a motivational poster to us, it’s the way we live every day,” said Raim.

The award is great, but hearing the love straight from real Invocans really drives the point home:

“I love my team because we all have the same mission and goal. We all have each others’ backs and we all help each other to succeed. I’ve also been given the opportunity to grow my leadership skills by getting to train new employees and customers. It’s so great being at a company where our feedback is valued, it’s not just encouraged, it’s used in decisions.” — Kihana Langdon, Sr. Customer Success Onboarding Specialist

“My job involves a lot of outreach to people I haven’t had any interactions with before and getting to build the skills that come with that has really helped me grow. My team is like a big family, there are a lot of laughs, and it’s a tight-knit and connected environment. I also get so much freedom to build my position and career here, you really get out of it what you put in.” — Chris Peters, Sales Development Representative

“Invoca has given me the great opportunity and resources to lead, grow, and support my team. Everyone I work with is so driven and determined, and we encourage each other to do the best work that we can. They are also very approachable and ready to help wherever needed to make sure we succeed.” — Caitlin Davis, Dir. Software Engineering

“The people on my team are all very capable and driven individuals. That means, as a manager, I get to spend my time figuring out how to help grow their careers and skill sets. The amount of innovation that takes place is incredible. Teamwork, transparency, and autonomy really are valued at Invoca. It’s very easy and encouraged to reach out for mentorship and support. And, the whole company consistently shares very honestly how things are going.” — Victor Borda, Dir. Data Science

“I really appreciate that I get to do things that I actually like doing. I get to learn new things and then get other people excited about it too. People here remember that their teammates are human, and at Invoca, each individual is really respected and appreciated.” — Jenna Fabino, Customer Experience Project Manager

“At Invoca, you can walk up to anyone at any time with a question and get help. Working here has helped me grow a lot professionally. I get the opportunity to learn from my manager in weekly 1:1s, collaborate with different teams, and learn something new every day. My team is also really fun and energetic, and they know how to make any task exciting.” — Cathy Detrick, Sales Development Representative

“First and foremost, the people at Invoca are top tier. I am consistently amazed at how genuine, authentic, and hard working everyone is. I am inspired by too many people to name, leadership and colleagues, to do my best work every day and to represent the company in the strongest light. We not only know how to play hard, but we work harder with integrity, unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The company runs in a form meritocracy, you are the only thing in your way of success and happiness.” — Daniel Dubinsky, Sales Engineer

“In my job, there are always a few different ways you could accomplish the same goal. I can always rely on my team to bounce ideas around and work together to get to the best answer. It’s so nice to have a supportive team that I can go to and ask ‘what would you do?’.” — Julia Brocato, Marketing Campaigns Specialist

“I joke that my team is the best team, of course, everyone says that, but I love how passionate my team is. They are curious, but also patient, and it’s amazing seeing how we get things done. Everyone at this company is considerate. It’s so easy to find help and get answers.” — Molly Lewis, Manager, Onboarding

“The thing that keeps me excited is the people at Invoca. We’ve accomplished so much in the years that I’ve been here, and the trajectory we’re on is very promising. Leadership puts the right people in the right places to solve the right problems. Because of that, I have a complete trust where we are going.” — Jesse Adametz, Manager, Site Reliability Engineering

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Debby Haynam

Posted by Debby Haynam

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