We heard this a lot today: “Data is oxygen.” And as Matt Wolf, Director of Analytics, Office of Digital at Dignity Health said, “whoever manages data the best, wins.” What this means for marketers is figuring out how to put all of this data into action to create end-to-end attribution. From the first hello to web visits to calls to conversion, every step needs to visible in order to make the most of your marketing dollars.

US Bank also got the the heart of the marketer’s attribution dilemma. “Our biggest problem now is proving that we’re making money.” You can gather all the data you want, but it doesn’t really help if you can’t tie it back to your marketing efforts. The impact of closed loop attribution creates a fundamental shift in the sales and marketing relationship because it allows you to make smarter marketing decisions.

Putting Attribution Data Into Action

There was a time where just counting calls and correlating call volume to successful marketing campaigns was seen as adequate attribution, but that time has passed. Today’s data-driven marketers need to make direct connections between marketing, from campaigns to keywords, to know for certain what works and what doesn’t. And that includes what happens on the phone. “Accurate offline attribution data is critical to being a successful digital marketer, said Google Global Product Lead Megan Messer. “Online [attribution] only is not an option anymore.”

The impact of moving from call counting to closed-loop attribution makes the difference between throwing money away and spending it where it makes the biggest difference.

When it comes to calls, that valuable conversion information used to be siloed in the call center and marketing didn’t have access to it, and if they did, it came in way too slowly to do anything with it. Of course, advanced call tracking and analytics has changed all of that, and the successes that our customers shared today proves the point.

Product Announcement: New Features for Multi-Location Businesses

Today, Invoca announced a new set of features that will be a saving grace for corporate marketers that want to track calls that are routed to multiple physical locations. Invoca now has industry-exclusive functionality that transforms multi-location call tracking and analytics from a data management nightmare into a 60-second process. Invoca’s call tracking solution makes it simple to get rich call data while ensuring that calls are seamlessly connected to the right place, whether it’s a local agent, dealer, franchise, or regional call center. And with the new Invoca tag, numbers are swapped and updated seamlessly and automatically. Check out this blog post for all of the details.

Invoca Call Intelligence Award Winners

Today we also announced the winners of the Invoca Summit Call Intelligence Awards. The awards recognize six of our most innovative customers who are taking their use of Invoca to the next level. The winners are:

Starkey Hearing Technologies – Pioneer of the Year

Dignity Health – Visionary of the Year

Progrexion – Adobe Partner of the Year

University Hospitals – Influencer of the Year

Visiqua – Strategic Partner of the Year

Cancer Treatment Centers of America – Martech Integration Champion

We hope to see you again tomorrow at Invoca Summit!


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