Can’t wait for Invoca Summit 2018? Neither can we! That’s why we’re sharing a quick Q&A that we had with one of our keynote speakers, Adobe Vice President Amit Ahuja. Here we chat a bit about how AI will impact customer experience, new voice capabilities for Adobe Experience Cloud, and, of course, what’s happening in Santa Barbara when we’re not at Summit.

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Amit Ahuja Invoca Summit

As AI technology becomes more widely adopted by brands, how do you think it will impact the customer experience?

With the massive amounts of data and content being created, AI and machine learning expand the scope and reach of what computers and humans can do to provide better customer experiences. Customers have higher expectations than ever before and brands that don’t deliver will find their customers going elsewhere. With the power of AI/machine learning, brands can more easily and efficiently create and deliver personalized content at scale while analyzing the impact in real time. Customers, on the other hand, will have the benefit of receiving the right content at the right time in a very natural way.

Adobe Analytics just announced new voice capabilities for Adobe Experience Cloud. How should brands be thinking about personalizing the voice experience, so it’s consistent with what happens on digital?

Customers are going to use features that make it easy to work with a brand. And while the technology is continuing to evolve and improve, voice is a channel that marketers can’t ignore because customers aren’t. It’s clear that voice must be considered part of a brand’s overall digital strategy. Like web or mobile data, voice assistant data should be integrated and analyzed to understand its impact on the customer journey. And like any other digital marketing channel, customers expect that the experience across digital and voice should be intuitive and connected.

How would you recommend acquisition marketers take steps to improve the customer experience? What are some initial steps they can take?

It all starts by understanding your customer through a unified profile. Marketers must leverage data and action upon that data to provide better experiences to their customers. Then, it’s about having the right tools in place to deliver those experiences. There are thousands of martech companies to help you provide the types of experiences your customers expect. At Adobe, we believe Adobe Experience Cloud provides the digital foundation companies need as their hub with an open technology partner ecosystem to solve for specialized use cases.

When it comes to brands in considered purchase verticals (e.g. finserv, insurance, telco), who do you think is doing innovative marketing?

One company that comes to mind is Swisscom. Swisscom is the leading telecom provider in Switzerland. One of the reasons that it has gained such a large market share is its dedication to innovation and technology. The company’s artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning department develops and implements AI services to serve customers across Switzerland. Swisscom leveraged Adobe technology to build a multilingual web experience, measure customer interactions, and use Adobe Sensei to test and automate their customer personalization strategy.

Anything you’re looking forward to doing in Santa Barbara, aside from speaking at Invoca Summit?

As the father of three young kids, I am most excited to get some rest in Santa Barbara. I grew up about 45 minutes away from Santa Barbara and am looking forward to going back. If there’s time, then wineries and golf would be amazing!

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