The saying goes, if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. Performance marketers share that same resilient attitude, and have been incredibly successful in the digital age.

Over the next week performance marketers, agencies, and lead generators will descend on New York for two of the industry’s biggest events: Affiliate Summit and LeadsCon. And what are the hot topics everyone’s going to be talking about? Mobile, social, seo, content, video, and the data to make it all work better.

Invoca’s call intelligence platform supports just about every performance and direct response marketing initiative by bringing call data, attribution, and automation into the picture. With businesses spending over $64 billion to generate phone calls, performance marketers can’t ignore the opportunity.

Here are 5 ways performance marketers use Invoca:

  • Managing third party, affiliates/lead generation partners is as easy as Sunday morning. Invoca provides complete call attribution as well as commission and payout tools, empowering media partners to drive online and offline traffic with total transparency.
  • Performance marketers use Invoca to track offline conversions and sales. Sure it’s great to track the source of phone calls, but with Invoca, it’s easy to capture the result of the call and any associated revenue so you can measure ROI.
  • Integrating call data seamlessly with existing analytics and CRM technologies provides an extra data layer where it’s most useful so marketers can make accurate and more powerful optimizations. Schoolhouse Rock was right, knowledge is power.
  • Everyone is talking about leveraging  data to create stronger customer relationships. Invoca provides valuable insight on customer behavior and preferences as well as demographic details so marketers know exactly who their best callers are and how to drive more.
  • Driving and tracking calls is the first step, but Invoca also has the tools to filter, route and manage those calls so they always go to the right person and advertisers only get the calls they want.

Sound like a dream come true? See it for yourself in New York August 10th-15th! You can catch the Invoca team in the city that never sleeps at Affiliate Summit East and LeadsCon East.

Affiliate Summit East

We are so excited to have such a great event to kick off our week in New York. The Invoca team will be in meeting room #5. Schedule a meeting with the team here. Invoca is also hosting a special customer event at the Aspen Social Club on the 11th at 6PM. We are looking forward to spending time with some of our awesome clients.

LeadsCon East

We’re following up one great event with another, LeadsCon is how we are going to wrap up our time on the east coast. The Invoca team is a sponsor of the Leads Buyer Summit, and you can find the team at LeadsCon at booth #307. Make sure to stop by and chat with the team.

While you’re at LeadsCon, you can see Invoca’s VP of Services and Customer Success, Lisa Riolo, on the panel, “Call Marketing: Keys to Engagement and Conversion” on the 14th at 10:30AM in the Broadway Ballroom North/South, 6th floor. If you’re interested in improving engagement and increasing conversions, you don’t want to miss this panel.
We are also excited to be co-sponsoring a fantastic networking party alongside Cake, Pulse Mobile, Tealium, Pulse Mobile and Whitepages at the Haven Rooftop at SANCTUARY hotel on the 14th at 6:30PM. Space is limited so RSVP today!

Maria Bruno

Posted by Maria Bruno

Maria Bruno is a Senior Product Marketing Manger at Invoca and is responsible for positioning, sales enablement, and go-to-market strategy. Prior to joining Invoca, she held account management and field marketing roles at Oracle and Responsys. Maria earned a B.S. in Economics & International Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she gained a love of cheese curds and an unfortunate accent.

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