These days marketers are spoiled for choice when it comes to technology that helps identify, target and create a personalized experience for their customers. And by choice, I mean nearly two thousand marketing technology vendors…and the growth in this sector shows no signs of slowing down. This presents an incredible amount of opportunity for marketers, but it’s also really overwhelming.

That’s why Kobie Fuller and Jascha Kaykas-Wolff created Growthverse, a cool new way of visualizing and making sense of the marketing technology landscape. I asked Kobie a couple questions about this new tool. Here’s what he had to say.

Q: Can you tell me more about the inspiration behind Growthverse?

A: The martech landscape is confusing. There’s so many vendors, yet few resources that actually help marketers understand how it all fits together. Jascha and I decided to put some order around it and create a taxonomy that aims to declutter the category. We decided to make it a living, interactive visualization so that it gets better over time as we receive feedback and the industry continues to evolve. While we drew upon our collective professional experience, we certainly don’t claim to be the experts. Growthverse is meant to be a conduit for marketers to discover and learn about the latest in marketing tech.

Q: How do you envision marketers using Growthverse?

A: I hope that marketers will bookmark the site and come back to it when doing strategic planning and vendor selection. It should definitely be a resource when putting together or making changes to a company’s marketing tech stack. Some may want to print out the static version and use it as a point of reference. I think there’s a number of applications, but above all, I hope that it’s helpful and easy enough to use so that marketers continue to come back to it..instead of just looking at it once or twice.

Q: What was top of mind when designing this interactive experience?

A: We partnered with Beutler Ink to create an experience that’s focused on navigation and usability. We wanted marketers to “peel back the onion” and navigate to their desired solution. Creating layers of information was important so that you don’t see everything at once and immediately get overwhelmed. And then once you find a vendor that you might be interested in, you can click through and get a quick snapshot of the company, website, key stats etc…bringing the marketing buyer a few steps closer to the vendor while they’re in the research phase.

Q: I noticed that adtech isn’t a category. Any reason for this?

A: Even though adtech isn’t featured as a category, there’s quite a few adtech companies included in other parts the landscape, like in the paid acquisition section for example. When creating Growthverse, we were really focused on including the tools that marketers are buying. We talked to over 100 CMOs to help inform which technologies are a critical part of the marketing stack for brands. Going deep into the adtech landscape is something that we could certainly add to Growthverse in the future, especially if the feedback we receive guides us in that direction.

Q: What advice do you have for senior level marketers looking to put together the right marketing stack?

A: Don’t let the tail wag the dog, meaning technology shouldn’t define your marketing strategy. Take a step back and really look at what you’re trying to accomplish with your marketing, then see how technology can bring more intelligence and automation around what you’re trying to achieve. Test, learn and iterate — and don’t forget to regularly check-in with your peers in marketing departments at other companies. Ask them what tools they’re using and why.

Laura Schierberl

Posted by Laura Schierberl

Laura Schierberl is director of content marketing and communications at Invoca. Prior to that she held positions at Oracle, Responsys and Hill & Knowlton where she honed her skills in all things PR, content and social media. Laura earned a B.A. in Spanish and Communications at Wake Forest University. Fun facts: she loves crime TV shows and her labrador has dabbled in modeling.

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