There’s been a lot of talk lately about what omnichannel marketing really means, and why you as a marketer need to be adopting this mindset. I think it’s great. It’s helping us move from the abstract concepts of ‘mobile’ and omnichannel’ to a concrete understanding of how we should be shaping our marketing strategies, optimizing our customer journeys, and measuring our results.  

One of the best ways to embrace a new strategy is to learn from those already doing it. Hearing success stories. Understanding how other marketers have overcome the big obstacles. Getting experienced advice on where to start. That’s what innovative marketing experts from Google, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Allstate, Invoca and Rise Interactive will be sharing in Chicago this month at the Omnichannel Masters Series: Surviving and Thriving in a Mobile World.

Whether you’re a complete omnichannel noob, a self-proclaimed expert, or fall somewhere in between, there is no better place to network with your peers and learn the best ways to succeed at mobile omnichannel marketing.

Some of the questions I’m personally excited to discuss are:

  • How do I measure the success and impact of my different marketing campaigns, through an omnichannel lens?
  • What are the easiest, most scalable ways to provide personalized customer experiences across all channels?
  • Who’s doing really innovative stuff in the mobile space, and what are they doing? Can I copy it? 😉

If you’re in the Chicago area, this is an event you’ll want to attend. Space is genuinely limited, so make sure to register ASAP.

Julia Stead

Posted by Julia Stead

Julia is an experienced marketer who has been working with Invoca since 2012, and has a background in B2B marketing, SaaS and cloud technology. She began her career in the performance marketing world, in program and marketing management with software provider IncomeAccess in Montreal. She went on to work as a marketing management consultant and strategist, helping other B2B technology companies in North America and Europe to successfully launch and adopt new marketing strategies that target Fortune 1000 companies. Julia holds a BA in English from McGill University, and an MBA with a specialization in Marketing from the University of Montreal. She loves running, living near the ocean, good puns, and surprising people with her Canadian-ness.

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