If you’re headed to Adobe Summit 2018, planning your agenda ahead of time is just as important as packing socks and a phone charger. To help our digital marketer friends nail down their Summit strategy, here are 6 must-see sessions at Adobe Summit 2018. Be sure to swing by booth 157 to learn more about our call intelligence platform (and nab some Invoca swag, of course!)

Adobe Digital Insights: Top 10 predictions for the future

Want to look into the digital marketing future? Let Adobe read you the tea leaves with data from billions of online transactions that pass through Adobe Analytics. In this session, you’ll be guided along the path that will determine the future of online pricing, ecommerce, and the entire digital economy. Adobe’s crystal ball will show disruptive tech trends in voice apps and augmented reality and how consumer purchasing behaviors are transforming the traditional buying model.

Let’s Talk: Conversational Commerce Gets a Voice

The digital voice assistant went from far-out tech to sitting in all our living rooms faster than you can say “Alexa.” The market for voice-powered smart speakers grew 653% annually in just the first five years and the devices could be in 55% of U.S. households in three years. The implications for digital marketers are myriad, so it’s time to get up to speed. In this session, you’ll learn about Capgemini’s approach to building a voice-driven commerce strategy and the capabilities needed to address changing customer behaviors.

Understanding the Customer Journey with Digital + Call Center Intelligence

The age of mobile and voice assistants has had an interesting impact on many companies—more of their customers are calling than ever. This has created a huge blind spot for digital marketers because they lose track of the customer journey once they jump from online to the phone. This makes it difficult for marketers to optimize campaigns that drive calls and leaves organizations with a partial view of marketing ROI and disappointing customer experiences. In this session you’ll see how Progrexion uses Invoca to integrate call center and IVR data with Adobe Analytics to create rich customer profiles and optimize cross-channel experiences.

Creating Timeless Experiences in Travel and Hospitality

If you’re dealing with shifts in consumer tech like smartphones, voice search, and messaging that are disrupting traditional customer contact strategies, then you’ll want to to check out this session. Whether or not you’re in the travel biz, lessons learned about creating the ultimate omnichannel customer experience will help get your marketing strategy to the right destination.

AI in Search: What Does It Mean for Advertisers?

You can’t make decisions without data these days, and now we have access to mountains of it. The problem is now what to do with the data and our robot friends are here to save us. In this session,  you’ll learn about the evolution of search advertising from rules-based to AI powered optimization, how AI & ML solve complex search advertiser challenges and how Adobe Sensei powers Ad Cloud Search.

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