We’re excited to announce that Invoca has rolled out a new extension for Adobe Cloud Platform Launch, Adobe’s next-generation tag management system. The extension will allow our customers who also use Adobe Experience Cloud to effortlessly deploy their Invoca tags anywhere they have Launch by Adobe deployed.

The new extension is now available in the Adobe Exchange marketplace, deepening Invoca’s integration with Adobe Experience Cloud.

As a Premier partner in the Adobe Exchange partner program, we developed the extension to allow Invoca customers who also use Launch by Adobe to easily deploy and manage Invoca’s tags across their websites. Invoca’s call intelligence platform uses tags to display unique phone numbers to each web user, enabling marketers to create a 1-to-1 relationship between customers, digital marketing campaigns, and actions that happen on the phone.

Becoming a Premier partner in the Adobe Exchange has allowed us to build seamless integrations between Invoca and Adobe Experience Cloud, which makes implementation easier for our customers and gives them more flexibility with their tech stack.

Invoca for Adobe Experience Cloud allows digital marketers to bring call attribution and analytics into Adobe to measure complete marketing ROI, lower acquisition costs, and drive more revenue. When Invoca is paired with Adobe Experience Cloud, it bridges the gap between online engagements and offline conversations for better customer data, insight, and action.

Learn more at the Adobe Blog

Owen Ray

Posted by Owen Ray

Owen Ray is the Senior Content Marketing Manager at Invoca. Prior to that, he worked with SaaS companies like Aria Systems, Glassdoor, and Mindjet. Owen sharpened his writing tools at San Francisco State University and Bay Area newspapers before working his way into the Silicon Valley creative services set. He hails from Santa Rosa, California and definitely does not leave work early on Wednesdays to go drag racing at Sonoma Raceway.